Many people aren’t aware that there are several features that distinguish different massage chairs. This article will talk about Leg massage ports, Voice-response software, and Infrared body scanners. Hopefully this article will help you choose the right massage chair for you! Just remember that you should never buy a chair without trying it out first! It is your money, after all! So, read on to learn more. This article also provides some tips to make your purchase a great experience.

Airbags simulate tapping method of massage

In this tapping-style massage, a masseuse uses rapidly deflating and inflating airbags to tap the body on specific points. This method is particularly helpful for people who have achy, stiff muscles, and poor circulation. It can also break up scar tissue. It is often used on people who have undergone surgery to improve circulation. Airbags simulate the tapping technique in the following ways:

These devices provide compression massage by rapidly inflating and deflating around the area being massaged. Some models are designed to simulate taps on the arm, others in the leg, or both. Airbags vary in intensity and can simulate various massage techniques, including tapping, rolling, and kneading. The basic airbags used in the early stages of the technology were airbag bladders. Today, most manufacturers have improved the design of airbags by incorporating several smaller cells in the same device. These smaller chambers help create more accurate massage.

Many massage chairs today emulate the tapping-style massage. Many models are programmable and use airbags that quickly inflate and deflate. Some models simulate the tapping technique, while others simulate the effect of a chiropractic adjustment. Others use airbags to hold the user in place while the chair reclines. While these models aren’t quite as effective as an actual massage, they do provide a comfortable and efficient way to relax after a long day at work.

Leg massage ports

Most massage chairs have leg massage ports. To use these ports, select the one with an L track. These leg massage ports can be hidden by folding the ottoman over them. However, if you’d prefer an S track, you should look for a massage chair with an S track. Then, you can adjust the intensity of the massage to suit your preferences. Depending on your budget, you can get a chair with either a T or an S track.

In addition to leg massage ports, other massage chairs have other features. Some models come with memory functions that remember your preferences. Others have auto shut-off capabilities to protect the unit from overheating, which is annoying if you want to have a long massage. Other features include aromatherapy, which uses essential oils and circulates the scents around the room. These chairs aren’t meant for everyday use, however, and they take up quite a bit of space.

Generally, leg massage ports are available on most massage chairs. While the leg massage port on massage chairs is more commonly found on high-end models, you can also find inexpensive versions. These massage chairs come with a wired control pad so that you can easily control the settings and choose from different massages. Some of these chairs also have heat, kneading, or percussion, but they are not nearly as beneficial as those with other features.

Voice-response software

Some massage chairs come with voice-response software that allows users to give voice commands. This software can interpret the commands of the user, and is usually a subset of the massage chair’s capabilities. While these chairs remain expensive, they are expected to become a common household item in the United States. In the meantime, they can be a great way to relax in the comfort of your own home.

An Interactive Voice Response system starts a call by gathering customer information and automatically routes the caller to the right department. It can help improve customer service by reducing average hold times and improving problem-solving rates. It can also collect customer feedback through surveys and promotions that can be sent straight to an automated system. Its benefits are numerous. Even if you don’t want to pay for an Interactive Voice Response service, you can get the data you need in the palm of your hand.

Infrared body scanners

If you’ve been in the massage chair business for a while, you’ve probably heard of infrared body scanners. These high-end massage chairs contain a network of infrared sensors that detect body points that make contact with the massage chair’s surfaces. The information these sensors gather is then sent to a microprocessor that calculates massage parameters based on the information they collect.

Massage chairs with body scanning capabilities offer a range of benefits. They allow therapists to target specific areas of the body for a more effective massage. For example, massage chairs with advanced technology can detect your body shape and determine which parts of the body are most sensitive, so the massage will be more customized to your needs. This technology makes it easier for the massage therapist to understand how to massage each part of your body to ensure maximum results.

Using body scanning technology, massage chairs create a map of your body and adjust massage pressure to match your needs. A 3D or 4D scanner can analyze your back’s width and rib cage and adapt pressure accordingly. By analyzing the data, body scanning massage chairs improve your quality of life and provide individualized massages to help you relieve your stress and pain. The MAJ7’s 3D and 4-D scanning systems are among the most advanced massage chairs on the market today.

Recliner position

The reclining position on massage chairs is one of the best ways to get the full therapeutic benefits of a massage. This is especially helpful for people suffering from chronic back pain. There are several levels of incline available, and the best one depends on your personal circumstances. For instance, people recovering from surgery or having health problems may not want to lie flat, but most chairs are fully adjustable and can accommodate a wide variety of reclining needs.

One of the benefits of reclining is that it mimics astronaut postures during takeoff. During liftoff, astronauts endure intense increases in gravity as they escape Earth’s gravitational pull. The reclined position helps them distribute these stresses safely. Massage chairs, too, mimic astronauts’ reclining positions. They are able to enjoy a more effective massage in this position because the stress is evenly distributed.

Many massage chairs can be set to recline at any angle, and they have numerous acupressure points. The LURACO chair is an example of an adjustable recliner. Its remote is color-coded, and its large VFD color display lets you know exactly where the rollers need to go. The ottoman in the massage chair serves as a footrest and platform for your feet. It provides a comfortable place for your feet.


Many Americans suffer from chronic pain and other health problems. With thousands of different models, it’s important to understand the features and price range of massage chairs before making a purchase. The cost of a quality chair can easily exceed $1,000. The quality of the motorized massage head, accessories, and furniture vary as well, so be sure to consider all these aspects before you make a purchase. Here are some tips to help you determine how much massage chairs cost and find the best model for you.

Depending on your needs and budget, massage chairs range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The price can also be affected by the appearance of the chair, its features, and the materials it’s made of. You can get inexpensive chairs under $500, but you can also find high-end models with extras like air bags, USB ports, top-quality leather, music players, and other high-end features. Some models can cost more than $5000, so make sure to spend a little extra.

Massage chairs come with several adjustable reclining positions. Zero gravity positions are beneficial for back pain relief, improving lung efficiency, and improving blood flow. The zero-gravity position is also beneficial for the heart, lowering the heart load and preparing the body for the massage. For those looking for a massage chair with a higher intensity, make sure to choose one with more motors. The higher the motors, the better. And make sure the massage chair is Bluetooth-enabled to play music while you’re using it.


A study published in 2007 by the Korea Environment Corporation calculated the average weight of a massage chair and treadmill at 72.3 kg. The results were used to confirm WEEE recycling results at the national level. Nevertheless, disassembling the massage chairs and treadmills requires significant human labour and may not be feasible for some companies. A professional dismantling service may be required to make the process safer. Nevertheless, it may cost more but could save the environment from further damage.

Recyclability of massage chairs has a high priority in the world of waste management. Traditionally, manufacturers have been shipping their products in heavy-duty cardboard boxes. However, a new system incorporates returnable packages and reduces the cardboard used per machine by eight kilograms. Additionally, the cushioning materials and liners of these machines are collected and recycled at the factories. This system can reduce the amount of packaging waste generated by about two-thirds.

Not all massage chairs are environmentally friendly. A few of them contain toxic synthetic materials. Some manufacturers strive to make environmentally friendly massage chairs, but it’s not all that easy to find a fully eco-friendly model. As a result, many consumers are searching for more eco-friendly massage chairs. To make a purchase decision based on the environmental impact of your massage chair, consider how much energy you use on a regular basis. By ensuring you only use the massage chair when you need it, you can save money on electricity bills and electricity.