The American tractor manufacturer comes in collaboration with the Indian brand Tafe group. This collaboration manufactures one of the best tractors as per the suitability and requirements of Indian soil. The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI come in the rated engine power category of 36 HP. With a round and rectangular design, the tractor comes with a grilled bonnet at the front, and the tractor has dynamic stability. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons behind its class, performance and popularity.

What’s special about the Massey Ferguson Tractor 1035?

The tractor comes with 3 cylinders, direct injection, 2400 cc engine that produces 36 hp of rated engine power. This is converted to 30.6 Hp of take-off power at the output ends of the tractor. The water-cooled engine is responsible for the ease of remote use for the tractor. The air filter facilitates clean combustion in the engine cylinders. Further, it ensures lesser wear and tears in the internal parts of the engine. With a special engine, as explained, it has a 6+2 gearbox with a power transmission system that ensures economical fuel efficiency, better performance and dominating hydraulics.


Speaking further about the Massey Ferguson 1035, the tractor has a wheelbase of 1830 MM and a ground clearance of 340 mm. This ensures the dynamic stability of the tractor. Furthermore, a small turning radius ensures its operational feasibility in small-scale and medium-scale farming. 

Some last lines

As we discussed, the tractor is an all-round performer. This is why we call it the best-in-class tractor in India at 36 Hp. Speaking further, we will say this tractor is one of the best buys in price ranging from Rs. 5.40-5.70 Lacs.