Depending on the individual, there are plenty of reasons to add a healthy meal replacement shake into your diet. Someone might be looking for a solution for weight loss or seeking an easy and low-carb replacement for a meal filled with vitamins and minerals they need.

Life became hard, and people work extra shifts to pay their bills. They look for convenient food options to save time, a meal replacement emerging as a convenient and nutritional food option to help you keep going with a hectic lifestyle.

Science Behind Meal Replacement Shake

Meal replacements gained popularity as an effective tool to lose weight, but meal shakes also focus on a nutritional profile rather than just losing weight. Studies in the past have shown that meal replacement become effective because they are –

  • Easy to Consume
  • Easy to control portion size
  • Easy to follow a healthy diet plan

This study examined the impact of a meal replacement diet on the body weight, body composition, and biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress among people with obesity while they followed a meal replacement diet to lose weight and weight maintenance compared to a group following food-based diets.

They discovered the meal replacement shake was an effective strategy for initial weight loss and offered several health benefits like reducing inflammation and oxidative stress – which are two key factors underlying most chronic diseases.

They Help Create a Calorie Deficit

Meal replacement shakes can be consumed for various reasons, but one major concern is losing weight. The best tasting meal replacement shake is designed to lower your calorie intake without compressing the nutritional value of a meal. With a shake, a consumer can get a boost of healthy nutrients without taking a lot of calories.

Avoid Skipping Meals

People skip their meals or eat less to lose weight, but skipping meals is unhealthy and cause you various health concerns.

Research has shown that skipping one meal will lead to overeating on your next meal. A meal shake can be a more convenient option, rather than not eating your meal.

They Keep Your Full

You may feel hungry between your two meals. A shake with the right mix of protein, healthy fats and other nutrients promote the optimum nutrition that helps you get full till your next meal.