Unlike women, men have limited styles to pick their clothes from. From T-shirts to shirts, the choices for men are constrained to very limited availability. But T-shirts and shirts can also be found in a good variety for men. Classics, formal, casual, traditional and many other occasion-related choices or available for men.

Similarly, when it comes to sportswear the usual choice is men’s pique polo shirts with short sleeves. These look quite comfortable and also give a sporty look and spirit. A Polo shirt is a good choice for summer and can also keep you comfortable throughout the day.

The difference between a pique and a polo shirt:

Pique is a kind of fabric usually used for polo shirts which gives a knitted weave look for rest and patent texture. Whereas polo shirts are usually made of cotton, polyester or a blend of spandex and polyester. Although the classic Polo net that gives a honeycomb texture to the polo shirt comes from pique fabric. Although giving a knitted look because of the presence of small holes in between the nets, this fabric keeps you cool even in harsh summers.

Pique polo shirt better than other polo shirts:

Since this fabric gives a knitted look it makes it look heavier and the texture gives it an expensive look. It appears more neat and clear with stiff colour to make the shirt look more versatile. Men’s pique polo shirts and short sleeves are a great option for summer and for every occasion. Its versatility makes it work as a casual outfit, work outfit or even as a sports outfit. Short sleeves are good to go for harsh summers and also give a very crisp look and enhance the well-built arm.

Where to buy it?

Technology and innovation these days is available online and in offline stores as well. If you are looking for Men’s pique polo shirts and short sleeves, Many choices are available in the market. Even if you wish to explore online, they are easily available everywhere. For an uptight and cleaner look it is advised to go for your size and look for the providers that can present you with variety. Even if you are a retailer yourself you can find these T-shirts to sell at a wholesale price from wholesale uniforms 4 schools. They sell at wholesale price which is very minimal and can turn out to be a profit for your business.

Business scope:

If you are an offline store and sell these T-shirts as a retailer, it is a very good choice since men usually go for a casual or formal look with very minimal clothing items. There is no better choice than a polo shirt with short sleeves for men. Hence every man in every region is fond of these kinds of shirts.


From wearing it yourself to selling it as a retailer, everything you need to know about the shirts is available in this article. It can be helpful for you if you are planning to resell the shirts in the market. The versatility and availability of these kinds of shirts make them a go-to choice for men.