Not everyone is born with the blessing of naturally full brows. If you can relate, you must be guilty of spending hours making your brows presentable. In search of permanent solutions for such problems, we bring one of the best ways to get fuller brows.

It is possible to get an all-natural eyebrow that requires no touch-ups in finesse through microblading. You can contact any beauty studios that offer the best services of microblading in Adelaide.

What Do You Mean By Microblading?

The cosmetic procedure of microblading refers to filling in pigmentation in your brows using apt tools. These tools are extremely precise, giving out a realistic and natural finish to the people who wish to get it done. 

The procedure involves using a tool, which resembles a pen with needles. The needles are extremely detailed in terms of design. The professional who carries out the procedure of microblading on your face draws multiple strokes on your brows, which closely resemble your natural brows. The shaping and design while pigmenting depends on several factors, like the shape of your face and the texture of your brows.

Procedure Of Microblading

While different beauty studios might alter the following steps as per their convenience, here is a general way professionals usually go about the service of microblading in Adelaide.

Step 1: 

The excess hair is gotten rid of from your eyebrows. This can either be done by threading or plucking the brow hair.

Step 2: 

Next, your brows are numbed. This is done by using a numbing cream. The cream is applied and left to sit on your brows for about half an hour.

Step 3: 

The beauty professional would now start taking in essential information to carry out the procedure. They may ask you the shade of the pigmentation that you wish to opt for. Next, the professional would move on to measuring your facial features.

Step 4: 

The procedure of microblading now begins. The professional would start by doing small strokes with feather-like pressure on your brows. These strokes would plant pigmentation over your eyebrows, giving them a fuller look.

Step 5: 

Another coating of pigmentation is added after the strokes are completed.


Even though microblading saves you from all the hassles of visiting the parlor every week to fix your brows, you should not completely neglect them. Aftercare is essential for your brows once you get the pigmentation set in to ensure that it lasts longer. Here are a few ways you can take care of your brows:

  • Do not wash the area for almost a week.
  • Do not apply makeup in the microbladed area for about a week.
  • Use healing cream as advised by your professional.


The procedure of microblading is the perfect solution to all your brow problems. Since this procedure requires a lot of precision and expertise, it is advised to only go for the best beauty studio for microblading. Reputed ones like The Nail Bar Beauty & Co should be on your choice list for the same.