Different types of Mini tractors are available in demand. And they are utilised for orchard farming or gardening tasks. These tractors work on gardens, small farms, yards, etc. A small tractor, called Chota tractor, Mini tractor, and Compact tractor. Also, these compact tractors come under the 40 HP range at the lowest price range.

Below you can get 2 popular mini tractor models.

  1. Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD

Massey 6028 4WD is an efficient model in the mini tractor category. It has 28 HP with 3 cylinders and a hydraulic lifting capacity of 739 kg. Also, It has 6 F + 2 R gears. The mini tractor price is Rs. 5.10 – 5.50 Lakh* for farmers.  


  1. Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

Mahindra 245 DI has a 1366 CC engine with 2 cylinders, generating 2300 ERPM. It has a 750 kg strong lifting capacity to push, pull and lift the equipment and loads. The price of this tractor model is Rs. 3.90 to 4.05 Lakh, which is economical for farmers. 

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