Moissanite and diamonds have the same appearance, but the making process differs from those stones. Diamonds are found in two ways: natural and lab-grown methods. At the same time, moissanite is founded in the laboratory in combination with silicon carbide. Moissanite has more sparkle reflective index than diamond. At the same time, Diamonds carries more strong durability than Moissanite. But, which is better diamond or moissanite?

Moissanite and Diamond have price fluctuations due to different making processes. Because Moissanite and Diamond have separate materials on their internal surfaces. As a result, Moissanite sparks due to silicon elements.

Which type of diamond has the finest appearance?

Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds have the finest look, however, Natural Diamonds may command 60-70% higher pricing. You don’t want to break your financial wall as an economical choice, therefore you can simply move forward with lab-grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are created in an environmentally friendly manner, saving energy that can be reused, much like water.

Does moissanite exhibit the same fluorescence as a diamond?

Moissanite is a combination of silicon and carbon element. As a result, electrons of Silicon and Carbon conflicted with each other, and carbon lost more electrons weight in the making of Moissanite. So, Moissanite has no fluorescence like a diamond.


Moissanite doesn’t have sufficient durability as a Diamond.  The most important thing is that Moissanite has no resale value while Diamond has a resale value. Diamond comes with an authentication certification report, while Moissanites are not certified stone.

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