People are developing and modernizing with changing lifestyle choices, women want to have babies at later stages of their life, but as females age, the quality and amount of healthy eggs decline. With developing technology it is possible to extract healthy and mature eggs at younger ages and can be frozen to be used later.  Egg freezing has been approached by many working women, if you are considering the same, the best IVF Clinic in Chandigarh can help you. However, when women consider egg freezing, there are always tons of questions that come into mind, we are resolving them all for you:



  1. What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a modern technique where women are provided with hormonal medicines so that they develop multiple mature eggs in one menstrual cycle. These eggs can be extracted through the trans vagina route, preservation by freezing these eggs provide relatively safer options to conceive later in life. This not only helps you improve your possibility of conceiving at a later age but also helps counter any infertility issue.


  1. How many eggs do I need to freeze?

When a woman chooses to freeze her eggs for future use, they undergo a procedure where ovary stimulating medications are given which help produce multiple mature eggs in one menstrual cycle. The number of eggs needed to be frozen depends upon the age of the female and according to the infertility specialist or Gynaecologist’s recommendations. The quality of healthy eggs starts declining after the age of 30, older women of 35 years and above might need to freeze an increased number of eggs compared to a younger woman. On average a young woman needs to freeze around 10 – 12 eggs and relatively older women might require 10-15 eggs.


  1. Does freezing eggs guarantee live birth?

Live birth from frozen – eggs depend upon various conditions. The number of eggs stored, age of conceiving women, women with any comorbidities, fertility of the father, etc. Various factors together contribute to the success of pregnancy in the future.


  1. Can I freeze my eggs if I am above 40?

It is possible but the success rate after the 40s is relatively low. The amount of egg maturation starts declining after the 30s.  the number of eggs retrieved will be relatively low. Therefore, consider freezing eggs in your 20s or 30s.

  1. How can I use frozen eggs?

The eggs are stored at -196 degrees Celcius in liquid nitrogen. When needed to use these are thawed in the lab, these thawed eggs can be fertilized using techniques like in-vitro fertilization.

To wrap up: These are some of the common questions asked by women who want to freeze their eggs. Egg freezing is a safe process and beneficial later when you want to conceive, rather than hesitating, you can consult your doctor with all your queries and proceed with your decision at an early age.  You can consult specialists from Bloomivf, Ivf Hospital in Mohali for treatments and egg freezing.