The year is 2022, and the world has changed. As technology advances, so does the way we dress. We have all of these new technologies at our fingertips that allow us to be more productive than ever before. However, with this comes a lot of responsibility on our feet – they are carrying us through work right after school or while making dinner for the kids on their own! This means it’s time to start looking for comfortable sandals for women in 2022 because it’s important to find shoes that can keep up with your lifestyle.

So what are some of the hot trends you should make sure your wardrobe includes? Well, there are plenty of trends for comfortable sandals for women in Sydney, here are some of them:

Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are highly adaptable and may be worn with nearly any outfit. Choose many thin straps on a heeled sandal to bring elegant, feminine energy to casual jeans and T-shirt ensemble, or hefty straps on a flat sandal to offer interest to a midi skirt dress. When in doubt, the more straps you have, the better.

Padded Sandals

The cushioned sandal trend is the ideal and one of the most comfortable ways to return to ‘real’ shoes after a year of wearing slippers. All the drama of a trendy shoe with the ease of a slipper? Could you not say anything else; we’re in?

Chunky Sandals

Chunky sandals are another trend we’re obsessed with since they’re as fashionable as they are comfy. These are the sensible shoes your mother always wanted you to get, with thick soles and many heavy-duty velcro straps this time with the approval of fashion influencers.

Elevated flip flops

If there’s one sandal style that influencers are presently obsessed with, it’s thick leather flip-flops. The elevated flip-flop look is perfect for a woman who wants the comfort of a sandal with a touch of stylish elegance.

Mule Sandals

Mule sandals are back and better than ever. This sandal style is perfect for the woman who wants to keep her feet cool in the summer without sacrificing style. Go with a metallic or colourful option to make a statement.

Birkenstock-Style Sandals

Birkenstocks have been popular for now, but they show no signs of slowing down. The key to fashionably wearing Birkenstocks is to find updated and more stylish styles than the classic sandal. For example, try a class with a woven upper or a sleek profile that goes beyond the traditional arch.

Final Thoughts

The healthy trend in footwear for women is continuing to grow. Whether you are looking for a comfortable sandal, flip-flop, or something with more support, there is sure to be an option that meets your needs and preferences. Pair any of these styles with your favourite work outfit, jeans and T-shirt combo, or dress, and you’ll be good to go! With so many options for comfortable sandals for women in 2022, there’s no excuse not to have a pair (or five) in your wardrobe. The more comfortable your sandals are for you to wear on a daily basis, the better! So what do you think? Are these styles right up your alley? What’s your favourite type of women’s shoe in Australia in 2022? Let us know by leaving a comment below!