Get the most out of the agency plan by familiarising yourself with the roles played by the people handling NDIS plan management and support coordination. Make use of your Plan Manager’s and Support Coordinator’s resources to increase your chances of achieving your independence goals via the NDIS.

What Vary Between NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination?

Your Support Coordinator can assist you in coordinating with services and experts who offer them, while your NDIS Plan Manager can handle the financial aspects of your plan.

Plan Managers

There are a total of four choices for administering your funds, one of which is NDIS Plan Management. The person may rely on their own means, on those of another, or on both. It’s important to consider all of your alternatives before committing to a plan of action.

A Plan Manager might be thought of as a kind of NDIS accountant. You may take charge of your plan’s administration with a Plan Manager, but they’ll take care of all the payments and money for you. Agency participants may use NDIS Plan Management at no extra cost. The NDIS will pay for a Plan Manager if you want one to be a part of your plan.

Someone in charge of a plan will:

  • Providers with and without NDIS authorisation should be able to participate in your programme
  • Aid you in choosing the most fitting service(s) (if requested)
  • Collect money owed from service providers by paying their invoices
  • Be sure the books are balanced, and the finances are in order
  • Submit a claim for financial support using the NDIS portal
  • Make use of the NDIS Costing Guide
  • Manage the financial records relating to your NDIS plan, and you’ll have control over the auditing and evaluating of the plan’s funds
  • Assist with any concerns you may have about NDIS funding

Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators make sure the services you’ve contracted for really happen, while Plan Managers assist you identify and select service providers who are registered with the NDIS. If the NDIA decides you require one, a Support Coordinator will be available to you whether your case is plan-managed, self-managed, NDIA-managed, or a hybrid of these. Initial Coordination, Support Connection, and Specialist Coordination are the three tiers of the Support Coordination hierarchy.

Support Coordination

The NDIS provides access to a variety of Capacity Building Support options, including Support Coordination, which streamlines the provision of other services. Support Coordination is available to you for a limited number of hours each week at the outset as you establish your support system. After setting up the required support and Service Agreements, your Support Coordinator will check in with you to make sure everything is going well and to make any necessary modifications.

Someone in charge will:

  • Facilitate the selection of service providers and vendor partners
  • Gather assessments
  • Consult the plan manager on budget allocation
  • Speak with municipal officials and tap into community assets
  • Manage all Service Contracts, whether they are currently being used or not, and make any necessary changes or cancellations
  • Assist you in getting ready for your plan’s renewal or review

Support Connection

Using publicly sponsored programmes and being more involved in your community can lower the amount of time you need to spend on Support Connection each month. The goal of the Support Connection is to provide you with the knowledge necessary to carry out and maintain your NDIS plan.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination functions similarly to the Support Link in that it links people in need to appropriate services. While these forms of communication may only require a few hours out of your monthly allocated time, they may mount up over time and be quite useful as you near the renewal of your plan. Such Support Coordination may be especially helpful in more intricate scenarios. Use this form if you need assistance from many government entities to reach your objectives.

Support Coordinators vs. Plan Managers

During the planning, you may request someone for either one or both of your NDIS plan management and support coordination. When necessary, your Plan Manager and Support Coordinator may communicate about your support and providers.

Consider these questions before selecting someone for your NDIS plan management or Support Coordination.

  • Is your plan manager actually independent and looking out for your best interests, or do they provide additional services that they want you to utilise as well?
  • How often does your Plan Manager check in with you to verify that you are on track with your plan?
  • Do they have experience in both the disability and financial services sectors?
  • Will their services help you manage your investment more efficiently?
  • How well do they understand the NDIS and how it applies to you?
  • Are they committed to assisting you in achieving both your current and future goals?
  • Is it the same individual every time or do they have a strong personal relationship with you?


The agency may completely pay for both NDIS plan management and support coordination, but there is one significant distinction between the two. Because support coordination and NDIS plan management address two distinct needs, they are covered in separate categories, which means you may get money for both in the same plan. In addition to the additional assistance you get, this payment will always be included in your NDIS plan.