Alongside launching the new Public Test Realm, Amazon Game Studios has also revealed the first new weapon for its MMO, New World. The Void Gauntlet is a magic-based weapon used as both a ranged and a melee weapon. It allows its user to conjure the destructive Void Blade to wreak havoc across the battlefield or the Orb of Decay. This dual-phase projectile can heal allies and afflict enemies with powerful debilitating effects.

In this guide, we’ll go over the Void Gauntlet skill tree. Like other weapons in New World, the Void Gauntlet comprises two distinct skill trees that players can purchase from Annihilation and Decay.

Annihilation: Encourages a more aggressive melee playstyle. Enhances criticals, healing, and grants player buffs. The Annihilation tree comprises three major active abilities (four including the final unlock), seven minor abilities, and eight passive skills.

Active Abilities

Void Blade – Inflicts Disintegrate on successful hits. (Disintegrate deals with five percent weapon damage per second and reduces damage absorption by five percent for eight seconds.) It costs 20 Mana, 25-second cooldown, lasts 15 seconds. It can be stacked three times.

Oblivion – Summons a circle of Void energy at the player’s feet that deals 30 percent weapon damage per second. Grants Empower to self and friendly players, increasing damage by 20 percent — costs 30 Mana, 20-second cooldown, six-second duration, the radius of five meters.

Petrifying Scream – Unleashes a Void-infused scream that deals 100 percent weapon damage. Staggers and inflicts Root to enemies five meters in front of you for two seconds. Costs 25 Mana, 15-second cooldown.

Minor Abilities

Fortified Blade – Gain Fortify when casting Void Blade, increase damage absorption by 20 percent for five seconds.
Viscous Void – Adds ten percent critical damage to all Void Blade attacks.
Leeching Blade – Thrust attacks heal five percent weapon damage per stack of Disintegrate. Scales with Focus.
Withering Oblivion – Inflicts Weaken on enemies. Reduces the damage enemy deals by five percent per stack. Stacks three times.
Invigorating Oblivion – Caster and friendlies gain 15 Stamina per second when in Oblivion’s circle.
Bone-Chilling Voice – Increase Root duration by one second on enemies with less than 50 percent of health.
Fortifying Echoes – Grants ten percent Fortify for ten seconds per enemy hit. Stacks.


Forsaken Pact – Increase damage by ten percent while about 50 percent health.
Keen Confidence – Grant ten percent to critical change when above 50 percent health.
Keen Humility – Grants ten percent critical change when all skills are on cooldown.
Refreshing Precision – Reduces cooldown by ten percent when successfully landing a critical attack.
Empowering Proximity – Grants Empower when casting an ability within five meters of an enemy. Increase damage by 10 percent for five seconds. Stacks three times.
Efficient Harvest – Health drain of Harvest Essence is reduced by 50 percent when below 25 percent health.
Leeching Agony – Gain 15 percent weapon damage as health when landing critical hits.
Refreshing Frailty – Gain five percent Cooldown Reduction when landing hits on enemies inflicted with three or more debuff stacks.
Voidcaller (Requires ten abilities unlocked in the tree) – Gain a stack of Void Essence on successful hits. At six stacks, consumes all stacks and grants a three-meter aura that heals player and friendlies for 30 percent weapon damage. Deals 30 percent weapon damage per second to enemies in the aura. Healing amount scales with Focus. 20-second cooldown, five-second duration.

Decay Skill Tree

Decay: Focuses on applying debuffs to weaken targets and enhance allies, perfect for support players.

Active Abilities

Orb of Decay – Launch an unblockable orb that deals 100 percent weapon damage and inflicts Disintegrate. (Disintegrate deals five percent weapon damage per second and reduces damage absorption by five percent for eight seconds.) At maximum range, the orb transforms into a healing orb and returns to you, healing friendlies for 20 percent weapon damage per second for five seconds. Healing efficiency scales with Focus. Costs 20 Mana, 15-second cooldown.

Baleful Tether – Tethers caster to target enemy for ten seconds or until enemy flees beyond 15 meters. Grants Empower on player and inflicts enemy with Weaken. Costs 25 Mana, 25-second cooldown.

Essence Rupture – Fire projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture on target. Heals anyone who hits the target for 20 percent of the total damage dealt. Does not include damage-over-time. Costs 25 Mana, 20-second cooldown.

Minor Abilities

Draining Orb – Grants five percent Mana for every enemy hit.
Slowing Orb – Slows enemies for 30 percent movement speed for three seconds.
Detonating Orb – Allows you to detonate the orb at any point. Has a radius of four meters. After casting, deals 100 percent weapon damage and inflicts Disintegrate. If returning to you, heals for 70 percent weapon damage.
Tethered Refresh – Reduces Void Gauntlet ability cooldowns for successful hits on tethered enemies.
Tethered Focus – Grants +100 percent Mana regeneration when tethered.
Soul Eater – Regain 80 percent weapon damage as health when the tethered target dies. Scales with Focus.
Invigorating Rupture – Players regain 15 Stamina when hitting targets inflicted with Essence Rupture.
Overflowing Essence – Heals allies within four meters of the target for 80 percent weapon damage when Essence Rupture ends. Scales with Focus.


Deadly Range – Grants ten percent damage to successful heavy attacks against targets more than eight meters away.
Fervent Thirst – +5 percent Mana return when hitting enemies afflicted by your Void Gauntlet’s debuffs.
Radiant Efficiency – Reduce Mana costs while above 50 percent Mana.
Refreshing Harvest – Grants ten percent cooldown reduction for every second you maintain Harvest Essence.
Leeching Bolts – Healing from heavy attacks increased by 30 percent if the target is below 50 percent health.
Extended Suffering – Successful ranged heavy attacks increase duration of non-crowd control debuffs you’ve applied by ten percent.
Mending Evasion – Dodging at full Mana heals for 80 percent weapon damage. Scales with Focus.
Glimpse of the Void (Requires 10 abilities unlocked in tree) – Gain a stack of Void Essence per successful skill hit. At four or more stacks, the next successful ranged heavy attack resets all Void Gauntlet cooldowns and removes all stacks. 15-second cooldown.

The Void Gauntlet’s role fits nicely into DPS and healing roles. You can also mix and match the skills found in each tree to create a somewhat hybrid build. Because of its healing abilities, the Void Gauntlet is the only healing weapon outside of the Life Staff. Players that want healing abilities but don’t want to feel useless in combat will most likely love the Void Gauntlet.

You can get your first Void Gauntlet from killing enemies or from chests. If you do not find one, you can craft it for yourself at the ArcanaBench. To craft one of your own, you will need Death Mote Death Motes which can be Harvested. In addition, if you have lots of new world gold, you can buy one from Trading Post.