The residents of Greater Noida and industries may soon be able to obtain no dues certificate for their properties online. Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has been the first in the state to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Tech Mahindra to allow plot allottees to get no dues certificates online. They have introduced a trial run of a self-service scheme with 400 industrial allotments. If the project got successful, GNIDA said, “the scheme will be firstly extended to the industries and then later to residential, institutional and commercial segments under the ‘end-use category’.”

The new facilities are rolling up over the last few days for three industrial sectors are Ecotech sector 7, 10,11 that is likely extending. This includes overall 143 services such as water, building plan approval, electricity, sewer facilities, electricity, functional certificate, mortgage certificate, mortgage permit, map surrender certificate, address change among others, said by officials.

The Property in Noida are gaining popularity with their world-class amenities. The residents of this region now don’t have to worry about the dues on the online certificates. This is a good initiative taken by the authorities of Uttar Pradesh.

Furthermore, the CEO GNIDA Narendra Bhooshan said “We have already initiated e-filing of documents and applications in the Authority. Manual file generation has also stopped under the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Now, the Authority is taking another step towards self-service mode for the allottees. It is going to start with the entrepreneurs of Ecotech 10 first and later Ecotech 11.”

Amazingly, the software, built by Tech Mahindra, is similar to a net-banking service and would allow allottees to acquire a no-due certificate online after submitting required documents with just a few mouse clicks, according to the company. The system is providing greater autonomy and cut processing time, which now takes roughly two days when done manually.

In addition, the authorities are also planning to provide online services to all the residential, commercial and industrial sectors or allotments, but also with an exception of the builder allotment. These services will help the residents to know about their property in detail. This will let the residents avail themselves end number of facilities. Deep Chandra, the ACEO of GNIDA said in an interview that“We are working on handing over the rights to allottees to get about 143 services very soon. We are the first authority in the state to introduce ERP. On January 7, we launched the beta version of the multi-pronged project Enterprise Resource Planning system. The link for ERP is available on Greater Noida Authority website.”

Thus, the scheme will not be for builders. So as to avoid defaulters, said Officials.

Therefore, to avail above mentioned services and facilities, the residents have to complete a few of the formalities mentioned by them. Such as Submitting necessary documents under the “know Your Allottee (KYA)” option along with the following three-stage verification steps. This process can be used with a one-time password sent to the residents registered mobile number and also Aadhaar number.

In addition to the above, Deep Chandra, the ACEO of GNIDA said that “Till now, the authority was carrying out these works physically. Now, this right has been given to the allottees.”

GNIDA, according to Bhooshan, is on its way to becoming a full-fledged e-office as a result of this. “The authority is no longer paper-based. We’ve jumped ahead of other government departments in bringing people’s interactions on a digital platform using ERP. Given the expansion of the Covid epidemic, it’s also a pressing need,” he added.