Bus, then practice to the terminals, give yourself an extra 20 minutes or so for the journey. I at all times park in Lot F as mentioned above. The website above for airportparkingreservations adds taxes and charges onto the quote given, car parking at ohare for example the $7.Forty five per day I noticed ended up being $9.Sixty six after taxes etc. The F Lot is $9 together with tax. Lot F gives the most economical on-airport parking with a price of $9 per day. Valet parking and self-parking options are additionally accessible. The each day fee for the principle Parking Garage floors 2 via 6 and the outside lots (Lots B and C) is $33 on weekdays and $31 on weekends. Long run parking. Take the bus to the tram. Tram to the terminal. I park very close to the terminal. Finest resort for Millennium Park and Lincoln Park? Park your automobile quick time period or long term for discounted rates.