Olmo Cuarón is a discreet, clever, and creative young man. Since he was noticeably young, he discovered that he liked to create animations, and ever since he has not stopped exploring his artistic vein.


He also loves spending quality time with his family. He is remarkably close to his siblings and father.


As a matter of fact, Olmo Cuarón’s father is reference in Hollywood. We are talking about Alfonso Cuarón, the successful Mexican film maker who has two Oscar awards for “Best Director.”


Alfonso Cuarón is one of the most talented film directors of Mexico and of the industry of the Seventh Art.


A Brilliant Career


Throughout his professional career, he became renowned and notable in Hollywood, earning the respect of friends, family, and colleagues.


Alfonso Cuarón’s success makes all of his loved ones proud, including his three children (specially the youngest one: Olmo Cuarón).


Olmo Cuarón’s family is incredibly talented. There is no doubt about that. Therefore, this young man is filled with pride when he talks about his closest circle.


Olmo Cuarón shares an artistic vein with his father. His family is a treasure (in fact, it is one of the most valued).


Olmo Cuarón’s Animations


This young man takes advantage of his free time and relaxation to create animations and stop-motion videos are brutal.


When he makes his creations, he feels free, happy, motivated, and deeply inspired.


Besides, as he has grown, he has been able to perfect his artistic skills, and this is visible in the quality of the result.


An Innate Talent for Animation


The talent of Olmo Cuarón to create animations is innate, since he has never invested if professional formation.


He simply relies on his great creativity and wit to create amazing videos and animations.