Once you’re done, take the twigs back to Ava. Ava will inform you there are some notes she made on OSRS Gold Gold her invention that she was working on for you have translation.

Translating the notes

Items required: Polished buttons and hard leather.

The time has come to convert those research notes and it’s up to you to do it. The result can be observed in the photo. The color of the buttons could change by clicking on them.

The notes were translated

Talk with Ava after you finish with notes. She will ask you to present some polished buttons and some hard leather to complete the device. Polished buttons can be found by pickingpocketing H.A.M. Members or simply from at the Grand Exchange. In the end, you’ll be given 50 crafting XP as well as an illustration. Combine these with polished buttons and a bit of leather that is hard to make a container.

Quest will be completed once you have handed over the container to Ava. Congratulations!
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Why should you train your Magic technique in Old School Runescape?

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