Teen Patti is the most famous casino game in India. It used to be the crowd’s favorite in the streets of the subcontinent and was extensively popular. One of the famous prospects of the Indian community is being well known across the globe through online casinos.

People have a tendency to change themselves in response to new trends, such as the digital trend, which has completely transformed daily life. Indian people prefer playing online casino games like online Teen Patti in their comfort zones instead of getting out. Indians used to play this card game with their friends and family on several occasions, but, things changed with the advancement of technology. Now, in order to play Teen Patti, you need to go online and choose among the different variations of Teen Patti from there.

The online version of the Teen Patti real cash game erases all the ground issues that were present in the past. The online version provides easy and comfortable gaming compared to the original Teen Patti game.

Actually, playing online Teen Patti is great fun. The rules and tricks are very easy to learn. You will find amazing things that will attract you in different ways. The online version has opened doors for the rapid growth of this card game to become truly international.

Growth in the Indian Market

The game of Teen Patti has become very famous over the last couple of years. With amazing real-life experiences, the online version is loved by the Indian audience. The mobile applications provided by these online casino sites have also helped in growing the online craze among punters.

According to Ibibo CEO Ashish Kashyap, the popularity of gambling in India becomes conspicuous from the fact that the online market opportunity in India is on a rise with a staggering $5 billion and the overall betting market is even bigger at $40 billion.

He also added, “India has also recently opened up its online gambling license, and the Internet has some top international operators trying to secure India’s first-ever online gambling license.”

The COVID-19 period became the major booster in the rise of online casino games and so of Teen Patti. According to a Google-KPG Report, the Indian online gaming market poised a growth to $1 billion by 2021.

The growth of Teen Patti also relies on the knowledge that people have about the online casino games, for example – Websites such as ProTeenPatti.com primarily focus on educating the players about the online casino and its aspects. They review these sites and bring the best of them to Indian punters, complete with simple and quick payment methods and welcome bonuses.

Diwali and Teen Patti

Teen has a cultural history, it is believed that Goddess Parvati played this card game with Almighty Shiva on the night of Diwali. This is the reason people play Teen Patti on the occasion of Diwali; they believe it will bring them prosperity and wealth

According to the ProTeenPatti casino experts, the festival of Diwali works as sky-rocket for the Indian casino market. Every year on this festival, there is a substantial rise in the number of players.

A quick wrap-up

According to a survey, about 80% of the local population somehow indulged in betting-related activities at least once a year, which indicates the player potential the online gambling industry has. India holds about 15% of the world’s online gambling traffic. This shows that the online gambling industry is becoming a good profit-making market in the near future.