If you’re looking to practice yoga at home, without feeling like you have to go to the gym or travel all over town to do it, then online yoga classes are a great option.

Online yoga classes are great for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their yoga practice, or who want to take their practice with them wherever they go.

You can find online yoga classes from any of the major online yoga platforms like Shyambhai Yoga.

Yoga is a very popular way to stay fit and healthy. It helps in improving your mental health, stress management and physical fitness. There are many benefits of practicing yoga such as weight loss, stress relief, improved breathing capacity and more.

Yoga classes are available online yoga classes. These classes help you learn the basic asanas and how to perform them properly…

Shyabhai Yoga is an online yoga classes, which are very useful for those who are busy and want to exercise their bodies. The classes are not just limited to yoga but also incorporate meditation and breath work. Shyabhai Yoga classes are designed for beginner level people who haven’t done any kind of physical activity and need some help with posture, breathing techniques and meditation.

The program is divided in five different categories:


This category is specially designed for those who have never done any kind of physical activity before. It consists of many exercises that will help you to build up your strength and endurance while improving your flexibility, body alignment and breathing techniques.

Strength Training:

In this category you will learn how to build up your body strength through different exercises like squats, lunges etc. You will also learn how to stretch out your muscles so they can be used properly when doing physical activities like running or jumping.

Breathing Techniques:

This category teaches you how to breathe properly during yoga sessions so that you can get more oxygen into your body and lose weight faster by burning more fat in the body instead of carbohydrates from food intake.