The science and technique of measuring using light are known as optical metrology. These measurements may focus on the characteristics of light and light sources or the characteristics of things, such as their dimensions, distance, and temperatures. There is no clear distinction between those sectors because measured properties of light are frequently employed for other reasons as well—for instance, optical frequency metrology is used to create extremely accurate optical clocks.

Make your Illusion clear with Optical Metrology

While optical metrology is frequently incredibly accurate, it is ultimately constrained by laser noise or quantum noise in detection.

The majority of optical measurement machines are relatively quick and ideal for in-process metrology or the observation of industrial production processes.

Optical measurement equipment is generally typically non-destructive. With non-contact procedures, even extremely delicate parts can be inspected without risk of injury.

Optical metrology makes use of several different measuring devices. Special calibration light sources, which provide light with clearly defined characteristics like optical power, brightness, or wavelength, are necessary for measuring those. One kind of spectral lamp, for instance, emits quasi-monochromatic light with a clearly specified wavelength.

VIEW Optical metrology – Let’s buy the smartness

 VIEW Engineering merged with Micro-Metric to form the VIEW Micro-Metrology division of Quality Vision International, Inc., the world’s largest vision metrology company.

The Leading technology companies in micro-manufacturing, data storage, semiconductor, solar cells, and MEMs are able to develop and control crucial manufacturing processes and product quality thanks to the combined experience of VIEW Engineering and Micro-Metric and the customers also have access to a global network of engineering, manufacturing, and software resources made available through QVI.

View Optical Metrology systems

VIEW offers a full line of optical metrology systems for wafer, photomask, slider, MEMS, semiconductor package, HDD suspension, probe card, and micro-component process measurements.


  • BENCHMARK 250 – A compact, high-accuracy dimensional
  • BENCHMARK 300 – High-performance floor model optical metrology system
  • BENCHMARK 450 – High-value, high-accuracy dimensional metrology system
  • BENCHMARK XLT – Extra large format dimensional metrology system
  • PINNACLE 250 – A high throughput, high-accuracy dimensional metrology system
  • PINNACLE PLUS – Elevates Pinnacle performance to the next level
  • SUMMIT 600/625/800 – A large travel, high-accuracy dimensional measurement system
  • MICROLINE AF – Offers exceptional linewidth and overlay measurement capability
  • MICROLINE AF PLUS – Offers exceptional linewidth and overlay measurement capability.

 We fully get the importance of optical metrology manufacturing as a major manufacturer with over experience producing high-precision optical assemblies and custom lenses. We keep making investments in optical test equipment and are developing our optical metrology capabilities in order to achieve improved measurement precision.