Rising patient wait times are a huge challenge area for physicians. Rise of insured population, increase in the number of aging patients, steady rise in the influx of inpatient hospitalizations during the last one year have all contributed to the use of technology, virtual platforms which will ease the process of patient care in the best possible manner.

However, with the newest CMS guidelines, payers are required to make the best use of platforms which will accelerate the process of securing prior authorization at the onset which will reduce challenges in the back end and improve collections.

But the pain lies in finding resources of efficient practice management experts that knows how to optimize your everyday front end work which eliminates gaps in the process. A quality prior authorization company which knows how to make sure that all you money is secured with specialized intervention has to be the order of the day.

Worry less with Sunknowledge by your side

What makes Sunknowledge one of a kind is our extensive understanding of the best practices of the industry. Our team knows how to elevate your overall front end work with collating of important documents, checking the eligibilities on time, getting the prior authorization approved on time , following up with the physician office for all required documents  and updating the outcome of the authorization in the billing system of the client.

At just $7 per hour for prior authorization services, our team makes sure that all your money is in safe hands with us. We know how important reimbursements is for physicians and helping you focus on your patients than worry on paperwork hassles is the delivery model that we believe in! Our testimonials, references and client appreciation are evidences on how we have served with excellence and trust.

Schedule a no commitment call with our team and come to know what makes us a unique RCM destination. At present, our team knows how to optimize your performance with our experience and ability to offer unparalleled support at the highest productivity metrics in the entire healthcare RCM space.