Bor Noi offers a means to live a happy life, a habit, and an exercise all in one. It describes a method for growing and preparing organic food. It also has to do with how reliant we are on an ecological system that is based on rich soil that produces unpolished products. Bor Noi strives to provide healthy Organic Farming Food Products for healthier lifestyles. Organic products are not chemically changed in a way that negates the true health benefits of the food. We sell a variety of Organic Farming Products Online, including rice, poha, and turmeric. Our entire mission has been to express wealth in its purest form.

Because these are Organic Food Products, it has more nutrition, more antioxidants, and lowers health risks. We are attempting to save the planet by living better lives. We help small farmers build sustainable livelihoods by eliminating intermediaries. Organic Food Products are more nutrient-dense than chemical-laced diets. They contain more minerals and vitamins. Non-organic foods are sprayed with extremely dangerous toxins that kill everything but the crop. Organic Farming Products contain nutrients that can aid in the prevention of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Organic farming employs healthy growing methods in order to preserve the necessary amount of biodiversity.

Organic Farming Products
Organic Farming Products

What Are Organic Farming And Organic Products?

Organic farming is a farming process that uses biological fertilizers and pest control obtained from animal or plant waste. Organic farming began as a response to the environmental harm caused by the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The natural food products we make using these techniques are organic. A farmer can make a positive investment return by using cheaper and local inputs from organic farming. Organic products are in high demand in India and around the world, generating additional revenue through export. Natural Farming Products are more nutritious, tasty, and healthy when compared to chemical and fertilizer-based products.

There Are Numerous Reasons To Switch To Organic Products

Organic farming produces nutritious food without the use of harmful pesticides. Natural Food Products reduce the number of chemicals in your diet.

  • Organic food contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Cleaner food means cleaner diets, which leads to a healthier you.
  • Organic food is higher in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients than conventionally raised food.
  • Irradiation: Organic food is never subjected to irradiation.  Food that has been irradiated has been exposed to a lot of ionizing radiation. Therefore, radiant energy breaks chemical bonds in food irradiation, with the goal of reducing microorganisms.
  • Climate Change: Organic farming promotes carbon sequestration, which aids in mitigating rising atmospheric temperatures.
  • Save the environment: Moreover, Organic farming does not expose nearby communities or farmworkers to harmful persistent pesticides.
  • Conserve biodiversity: Organic farming specifications not only restrict the use of chemical pesticides, a number of which are highly toxic to bees and can persist in the environment, but they also require organic producers to manage their farms in a way that promotes biodiversity and helps to improve natural resources.

Healthy Breakfast Cereals We are Offering

We are developing a variety of breakfast options. These products are sugar-free products, Cuppa Hando is a new high-fiber breakfast cereal, made of roasted rice flour from Red (Bao) Rice that is high in antioxidants and high in energy. Because its Organic Food Products, it has more nutrition, more antioxidants, and lowers health risks. All you have to do is add hot water or milk to it. We produce the highest quality rice using traditional farming methods. Healthy Breakfast Cereal, on the other hand, is highly recommended. It would be a satisfying breakfast that would prevent you from snacking throughout the day. Additionally, even those who regularly exercise can reap significant benefits from this cereal.