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Angelina Jolie revealed that her twin daughter Zahara Pitt underwent hip surgery. The reason behind the operation was a “medical test” for the actress’s young daughter. The couple shared Electronic devices images of Shiloh in crutches after the surgery. There’s no official announcement on the motive behind the child’s hip replacement, but Angelina has revealed that the girl’s mother wrote about the surgery for Time magazine and to mark International Women’s Day.

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She was the daughter Angelina Jolie, Shiloh Pitt desired to be a male. She would often wear boyish clothes, and underwent surgery to alter her appearance. However, she has not yet announced her transgender status. She prefers to be referred to as John and has remained a mystery. Although it’s normal to identify with a boy it doesn’t mean she’s not one.

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Although her mother was secretive about her daughter’s operation, Angelina Jolie revealed that her daughter was born as an adult male. This coincides the fact that she prefers to use the name the parents gave her. The issue is that she has not publically discussed the reasons for the surgery. It is possible that Shiloh may have had a gender issue, however she has not disclosed why. Furthermore, she didn’t disclose the details of the surgery with the general public.

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It’s common knowledge Sheloh Jolie Pitt switched genders. This was done because it was her wish to fashion as a boy. While clothes for males are simple and comfortable for certain people yet they can be troublesome for others. Although wearing male-themed clothes does not necessarily mean that you’re transgender. But it’s an evident clue to the gender of your child. There’s absolutely no proof to show that Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s name was changed.

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Following her surgery, the model wore male-themed clothing after the for first time in the past month. She was out with her mom and her sister for the past several weeks. Also, she is seen with Angelina on crutches after the operation. Her mom had no trouble divulging the fact that her daughter had operations on International Women’s Day. But she wasn’t announcing her procedure to the public and now the actress is telling the world how gorgeous she is after the procedure.


The actress was informed that Shiloh had undergone mammogram. Angelina Jolie didn’t disclose the surgery’s root cause. The actress did however reveal that she wanted to be male and loved dressing like one. She also liked wearing masculine attire. Although this can be confusing for some women it’s usually not evidence of being transgender.


In terms of the procedure, the actress underwent surgery in order to look men. The actress was already a boy at birth, however, she was an infant girl just a little girl. The surgery is said to aid in her feeling more comfortable. Her mom also kept the details of the surgery secret. She had to undergo the procedure done in order to have the appearance of a man. Then, she began to dress as an adult woman.

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As Angelina Jolie and her daughters have been photographed with their daughters recently It is not clear if the two girls have had surgery. While Shiloh was in a wheelchair and walking with crutches following hip surgery Zahara, her younger sister Zahara was seen walking using crutches. It is unclear which of the two daughters is the biological daughter of Angelina Jolie. Also, it has been suggested that she was interested in becoming male for some period of time.

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While Angelina Jolie has never discussed the motive behind her daughter’s surgical procedure and has only stated that her daughter’s younger brother underwent surgery to correct a hip condition. It is unknown if the surgery was necessary to correct her gender, however the actress has been transparent about her daughter’s gender. She has said that she feels like a boy and would like to wear boys’ clothes. She cut her hair in order to appear like a guy.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter, Shiloh, had surgery for her hips. The reason for the surgery is not known, but it was performed to fix the problem with the implant. Girl’s name was initially one of girls. The actress had no intentions to alter the gender of her daughter. As a result, she underwent surgery to make her appear more like male. She had the operation to correct a flaw in her hip.

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