Everyone’s safety is a priority. For this reason, at Quellaveco, both Anglo American personnel and those of contractor companies, in addition to our visitors, must comply with nine Golden Rules that help protect life.

These security standards were designed by the company after analyzing various incidents that occurred in our global operations and seeing which were the most frequent. With the goal of achieving Zero Harm , we are all capable of identifying the risks associated with the execution of a task, respecting the Golden Rules and ensuring that our colleagues do the same. Currently there are many types of investment, between new financial instruments such as digital noho stock , and traditional ones such as currencies in stocks and bonds , so it is natural to ask, when, how and what to invest in.

Although it is always the best time to grow your capital,

There are moments in life where different investments can be considered according to the profile and the specific objectives of each age.

Taking advantage of any opportunity to create investment strategies that allow profits is something vital in the financial environment, whether they are short-term or long-term investments.

Taking the above into account, in this article we will mention some of the best investment options according to the age of each investor.

Main types of investment

Before talking about the types of investment that exist, we will start by defining what an investment is . An investment is considered when you pay for a good or financial asset, which will bring a profit in the future.

In short, an investment is when you put your money to work to generate profits . According to your investor profile and the types of assets you have, the investments that are convenient to make will be.

Therefore, one way to classify the types of investments that a person can make is:

Financial investments: These are those whose goal is to obtain financial assets, they are not physical products and their value comes from a contract or agreement and not from their use, an investment fund for example.

Physical or economic investments: These are those acquired through tangible assets, such as residential or investment land, a house, apartments for students and offices to rent to professionals or companies. Its value comes from the returns generated by its use or its subsequent sale, once its cost has increased. Some examples are the Certificates of the Treasury of the Federation (CETES) and cryptocurrencies, among others.