Passive Income in Crypto

A new token $SHELON is promising passive income in crypto for all investors and the method for doing so is quite ingenious. As an investor in $SHELON you will get 5% reflections in Dogecoin everytime somebody else buys or sells the coin. 

After the memecoin Shiba Inu made a staggering 460,000X on your investment in a year people are hungry for the next big memecoin to hit the charts. The new token Shelon is designed to capture the growing interest of female crypto investors. Of course anybody or everybody can buy into the Shelon token on the BNB powered exchange Pancakeswap. You could buy Shelon for BNB, BUSD or any Binance SmartChain based token. You just make a swap on PancakeSwap and then you are the proud holder of Shelon and ready to enjoy your passive income in Dogecoins. If you want you can sell the Dogecoin you make for any other token. 

So Shelon caters to the growing interest for crypto among women. But are there other reflection tokens you can hold if you prefer other tokens than Dogecoin in your reflections? Yes, among the nextgen memecoins there are tokens like $CPEPE that gives reflections in Kiba and #AwkwardTurtleBSC that gives reflections in Marshall Inu. If you prefer you can stake $CPEPE and $TURTLE on PoorQuacks website. You also get the choice to stake the PoorQuack native token $POOR. Staking at PoorQuack for passive income requires a NFT and PoorQuack currently does not support Shelon staking. 

The fashion magazine ELLE tells us that already 19% of women between 18-29 buy, use or trade cryptocurrency. The total marketcap of cryptocurrencies are said to 13X in less than 10 years. A Gemini report claims that 26% of all crypto investors are women and among famous women in crypto a former editor at Forbes – Laura Shin stands out. 

Among the thoughtleaders in crypto memecoins we find Analytics Insight, The Economic Times, and Rutgers Business School in Newark and New Brunswick. Arguably other thoughtleaders fo the memecoins are Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. The memecoin DOGE rallied over 2,000% after some tweets by Elon Musk. Those who acted fast could see their money grow over 20 times in less than week. 

Obviously this kind of fast movements in a memecoin could give serious oomph to any investment in $SHELON. Naturally the passive income from reflections in Dogecoin would also help to derisk your investment. If $SHELON would become the next dogbased meme to really take off it could mean lifechanging money in your crypto wallet. 


So is $SHELON a safe or a risky investment? It is probably more risky than safe, but then again the potential rewards are much higher because of the risk. There are no great rewards if you cannot take risks. Probably you would like to hedge your bet in $SHELON in other reflection tokens like $CPEPE and $TURTLE. This would also mean that you got reflection in other memecoins like KIBA Inu and Marshall Inu that could be great investments in their own rights. Just remember that if Dogecoin was to reach 1 dollar then your passive income from this token almost would do a 20X from current prices. This is not a bad deal considering you get the Dogecoins automatically to your wallet through the reflection mechanism. While Metamask is one of the most common wallets for crypto transactions the Trustwallet is convenient and integrated with with the Binance SmartChain. For now holding your $SHELON in a Trustwallet and securing your passive income there could be the best strategy. 


It is worth noting that the top ranked article about memecoins from Rutger Business School is written by a woman ? Dr Merav Ozair. Take this the way you will, but it might be a foreboding. The next big memecoin might be a SHE ? it could attract a new kind of female, retail investors. Dr. Merav Ozair  calls herself Dr Blockchain and is a data scientist and cryptocurrency expert. The CFA institute calls her a 罵eading expert on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?. This bodes very well for memecoins in general and possibly for $SHELON in particular. 

If a fintech professor in Rutgers Business School takes an interest in memecoins maybe you should as well? 

A well balanced diversified portfolio should hold several cryptos ? including some microcap like $SHELON 

Note: Please do not confuse SHELON with ShibElon Mars. Read more about the real $SHELON on not to invest in the wrong token.