Every teacher appears to have an opinion on the benefits of literature in teaching and education. Some people think that the best method to teach reading and communication skills is through a literature-based approach. Students are introduced to vocabulary and phrases in their natural settings while using the literature-based methodology. According to some experts, this method is the most effective for memorizing a new language. Others feel that literature should be less important and that a more building-block type of technique is required, which integrates rules and phonetics.

Beyond the ways we have ever anticipated, studying literature has the power to improve our lives. It is more than just being entertained by a good novel, readers stand to develop empathy for a diverse spectrum of individuals from different countries and eras. Persistent exposure to the literary arts as a whole also results in a reader having a more extensive vocabulary and addressing writing with a certain comfort and confidence.

Many individuals today presume and think that literature is unimportant and undervalue its ability to enrich our thoughts with amazing insights. These individuals frequently convey the idea that people who are more eager towards the humanities or arts, like languages and literature, will only be able to survive with low-paying professions. In reality, literature broadens one’s perspective on the world and opens doors to the possibility of learning from history.

We start to think, inquire, and comprehend more thoroughly because of literature. For comprehending and learning things properly and in detail, critical thinking is an essential ability. When we read often, we develop the ability to understand the hidden meaning. We are taught to look for various symbols when looking for patterns and connections among various things. By doing so, we develop the ability to recognize concealed signals and form opinions about them.

Human emotions as well as reactions flourish in literature. Plays, novels, poetry, epics, memoirs, and chronicles all expertly depict the human psyche. Reading and analyzing literature allows us to learn more about human psychology while also examining it through the eyes of other characters. We discover that life should be savoured and experienced to the utmost. In other words, literature helps us connect with our humanity.

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