Should you get a lawyer if you have been to a Personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg? Does that seem a bit outrageous? That may well be the opinion of some people, however, if you were recently in an accident, the idea of a “lawyer for a car accident” may not seem that outrageous to you-and you are right to think that way!


Regardless of where you happen to be whether, you were traveling to your local grocery store or on vacation in St. Petersburg or Pinellas County, Florida-if you have recently been involved in a Personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg, you know how difficult and bewildering the aftereffects can be. You are hurt, confused, and unsure of your rights under the law. What if the person who rear-ended you doesn’t have insurance, or if his insurance refuses to pay? What do you do then? Maybe you should speak with an injury lawyer from a good Personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg. An auto accident injury attorney, injury attorneys, or personal injury firms can all be of tremendous help during such difficult times.


There were over five and a half million car accidents in the United States in 2009. In those accidents, more than thirty-three thousand fatalities occurred. Additionally, many more people who were involved in car accidents were lucky and walked away alive, but more than two million of those suffered injuries as a direct result of those accidents. Head-on collisions were the number one source of fatalities in the US, but other collisions and even single-vehicle crashes also caused numerous injuries and deaths. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that any auto accident, regardless of whether there are injuries, can result in significant financial loss and liability.


In general, when a personal injury case exists there are two possible ways that the case can be resolved. First, it can be resolved by a plaintiff settling outside of court. This means the insurance company of the responsible driver will accept fault and make an offer to the plaintiff of a set amount of compensation. The plaintiff will need to consider the settlement and if he accepts, he gives up his right to ever bring a lawsuit and gets to receive the settlement income. However, if things cannot be settled outside of court, then the plaintiff can escalate the case to a Personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg lawsuit and file a suit in civil court.


In the case of a car accident, a good personal injury lawyer will evaluate your case individually, and not just make an assumption based on common perceptions. For example, he or she would not assume that a car with no damage would rule out any legitimate injuries on the part of its occupants. The attorney will then advise you on the various options you may have. Would it be better to settle with the insurance company or bring the matter to court? He or she will also be able to aid you in your preparations for court and even represent you.


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