India is a country of traditions and multi-colored ethnic wear and weaves. With several trends washing over the Indian clothe-scape, only a few survive the test of time. Dupattas, especially Phulkaridupattas, are one of them, as, for several decades, they kept up with the time and appeal.

The Specialty of PhulkariDupattas

Phulkari, meaning “flower craft,” is the rural embroidery tradition of Punjab. Although they look similar to an embroidery shawl, they are vibrant and attractive. Traditionally, Phulkari was made of thick fabrics, especially cotton ones popularly called khaddar.

Red and its shades are the most favored colors of Phulkaridupattas since women used Phulkaridupattas during marriage and other festivals. Moreover, red is an auspicious color among the Hindus and the Sikhs, and the color is used in most Phulkaridupattas. However, today, you can avail of Phulkaridupattas in various colors: brown, blue, black, and even white.

Phulkari plays a vital role in every girl’s life. The birth of a girl marks the beginning of a child’s grandmother’s task of creating the future bride’s trousseau, which she wears while walking around the sacred fire during her wedding.

Best Ways to Add PhulkariDupattas

A burst of colorful dupatta

You can pair a solid color plain suit in vivid colors, such as navy blue, black, white, red, and yellow. You can buy a Phulkaridupatta online to pair with simple salwar suits, palazzo suits, and traditional Patiala suits.

One side dupatta

It is one of the simplest ways of styling the Phulkaridupatta. You can purchase a Phulkaridupatta online and drape it on one side to attain an elegant look. Then, place it on one a shoulder and secure it with a safety pin. It will allow your dupatta o stay in place and not fall accidentally.

Jacket style scarf

If you want to wear a Phulkaridupatta stylishly, we suggest you wear it in a jacket style. To attain the look, you need to open the dupatta, fold it from both sides, and pin the sides. Now wear it like a jacket.