Spinal cord injury is a public health problem, which produces disability and dependency, physiotherapy plays a very important role in the treatment of patients with this type of condition.

What is spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injury is defined as any pathological process of diverse etiology (accidents, illness, among others) that directly affects the spinal cord and that causes, therefore, an alteration of sensory, motor or autonomic functions below the level of the spinal cord injury.

In general, the patient with this type of injury is classified with tetra and according to the name of the limbs that are affected, thus indicating the level of injury, also distinguishing between the concepts of paresis and plegia, depending on whether or not there is preserved motor capacity, therefore, the deficit experienced by the patient will be conditioned by the extent of his injury, extension and involvement of the substance.

What is the treatment through physiotherapy for this type of alteration? 

The consequences of accidents that produce a spinal cord injury and its complications turn the user with this condition into a subject who undergoes multidisciplinary rehabilitation and constant control and treatment supervised by professionals.

In our physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka we have professionals who treat patients with this type of illness, allowing them to develop their activities satisfactorily and that they obtain the best recovery.

Physiotherapy in relation to pain control and trophic disorders will be based on improving muscle tone, avoiding muscle atrophy as much as possible and reducing or controlling the pain that may arise from the injury. Pains that are originated due to myofascial trigger points.

They are treated through myofascial release techniques, as well as assisted passive kinesitherapy in the extremities in order to relax the limbs and maintain function. In addition, physiotherapist in Delhi can apply to denervated muscles or those that are healthy.

Electrotherapy makes it possible to avoid muscle atrophy and increase the strength of the muscles that are preserved, in addition to this it is also applied to patients with spasticity, stretching and electrotherapy with ultrasound, massage, among other techniques… Dry needling is also used, technique applied by physiotherapist in Dwarka.

Regarding the control of respiratory infections, inspiratory muscle training shows numerous benefits, infections must be prevented through physiotherapy using mobilization and daily activation of the respiratory muscles, in addition to this, a plan is also applied in the different sessions. Sloped in order to facilitate the movement of mucus from the apical bases, in the same way respiratory exercises combined with assisted or passive active movements of the upper limbs are also performed in patients with decreased respiratory muscle strength.

Respiratory muscle training with technical strength and resistance exercises and airway clearance such as autogenous drainage, manual and electrical techniques, as well as manual chest compression, volume-enhancing techniques, and practical exercises are the most commonly used for this. Diaphragmatic and chest breathing exercises and the use of inspiratory and expiratory volume incentives are used.

Regarding the treatment for the control of the alterations of the renal, digestive and urinary system, the treatment should allow the patient to stand up even walking with the purpose of achieving a movement of the intestinal tract through the free suspension system, other techniques used For patients with paraplegia, abdominal massages, Valsalva maneuver, flexion of the upper trunk, among other exercises focused on improving the patient’s quality of life, are used to increase pressure at the abdominal level.

At the level of the renal and urinary system, the best physiotherapist in Delhi must work the pelvic floor muscles, so that it has the ability to recover its strength, stimulation is encouraged either with manual, electrical or electropure stimulation, in this way the patient with exercises of the pelvic floor can perform these movements autonomously.

People who suffer from this type of spinal cord injury can have greater functionality through physical therapy rehabilitation. In our clinic we have best physiotherapist in Dwarka who will address this and other types of pathologies, in addition to that, we work based on integrative physiotherapy in Dwarka, which is a methodology which is based on working the body as a whole, from a holistic view, where a large part of the injuries or pathologies that affect the musculoskeletal system are originated through an emotional factor or an incorrect diet that ends up affecting an organ in one way or another, causing not a disease but a dysfunction of the same, which has repercussions on a muscular, nervous or bony structure that affects the patient.