Hello friends, here I bring you another illustration made in a traditional way on the occasion of day eighteen (18) of the PixEOSinktober list. This time the theme was PIXEL ART and I took the opportunity to illustrate a pixel-style skull.

The PixEOSinktober list was very particular, one day the theme was video games and the next day the theme was art, on the 18th it was art, and it was to make any art in a pixelated way.

Let’s get to work with the creative process of this PIXEL SKULL .


To make this illustration as always I started with the guide lines, I have already said before that the guide lines for the sketch are the most important part of a drawing. It is the same as a construction, the bases are what support the final construction of the building, this is how it happens in the drawing, if we make a good sketch it is sure that we obtain a good final result.

Made the sketch, with the help of a ruler I proceeded to give more details that later would help me to start giving the strokes to obtain the pixel style.

So I went little by little making all the strokes of the drawing.

With a medium tip black marker I made the main strokes, and with a fine tip black marker I made the secondary or internal strokes of the illustration.

Once finished with the outline of the drawing comes the coloring part.

Very carefully little by little I was giving color to the illustration, although it is a skull, I wanted it not to be so gloomy, I wanted it to be somewhat nice. The eyes are Terminator -style.



  • Letter Size Opaline Cardstock
  • School pencil, sharpener and eraser
  • Wood colors (crayons)
  • Medium tip and fine tip black markers
  • Markers of different colors (regular tip and brush tip)
  • Squad


  • All the photos in this publication were taken by @alarconr22.arte and edited in Corel Draw X7.
  • Separator made by @alarconr22.arte .

I hope you have enjoyed this publication, remember to leave your comments about what you thought of the illustration. Your opinion is very important to me, it helps me improve.