Many NFTs games are coming to the Marketplace every day. Many gamers are attracted to game ownership because they get rewards and digital cash or Non-Fungible Tokens. In this way, Why don’t we look into money-making games rather than playing traditional video games? Let’s look into the top 3 plays to earn NFT games in 2022.

1.Jump.Trade, is the best Marketplace powered by GuardianLink.’s MCL(Meta Cricket League) Cricket is the world’s first NFT cricket game. In this current Metaverse, cricket’s NFT gaming would be the best in the NFTs gaming world. MCL is a massively multiplayer online game. Most specifically, gamers get signed bats and so on. So, they can use the signed bat for play and trade also.

2. Axie Infinity,

Axie Infinity is a gaming platform that allows gamers to play and earn. This was built by the Ronin Network powered by Ethereum. It is a Monster Breeding game, and their token name is AXS. the Axie Infinity game is very popular in NFT Gaming sector. This game engages gamers in trade and battle to build the consistency of the gameplay by the user. This game has extraordinary design and gaming sensation, and an amazing experience. In this virtual gaming world, a gamer can buy and sell it. People left their jobs in Southeast Asia(the Philippines and Vietnam) to play Axie Infinity because people can manage their expenses by earning in the game.

3. Sandbox,

Sandbox is one of the best games in NFT. In other ways, we mention it as a Creator Platform also. A gamer can play and create their feature in the game. The token used here is SAND and LAND. Using the LAND token in this game, they can vote for the game’s special features and tools in the Sandbox. Compared to other games, only in Sandbox can a gamer create their creations and sell their digital assets in their Marketplace using the SAND token.


These games are perfect for investing and earning money in NFT gaming Play-to-earn games are exciting and the gamers can also generate skilled gameplay and earn.