The first is called ‘Just The Tip,’ and it allows Lewdle players to reveal a single letter in the puzzle. However, it can only be used once every guess, and it will reduce your daily score. The user can also guess legal five-letter words in six-letter Lewdle problems in the second mode, ‘Ghost Guesses,’ however, this will result in a slight penalty to their daily score.

if you have difficulty, you can find it on google:

Example: The lewdle answer for today is made up of six letters, with only one of them being a vowel. In today’s answer, the first letter is ‘L,’ and the last letter is ‘H.’ Of course, the phrase is derogatory and refers to the size of a man’s genitalia.

Today’s word, on the other hand, can be utilized in a more fitting manner. “The measurement or extent of something from end to end,” according to the official Google definition. If you’re still having trouble, look at the official response below.

Is there going to be another one of those Not Safe for Work daily word guessing games?

There is also a game called Sweardle, in which, as you probably guessed, only certain “curses” are allowed to be used. In this round, you have four chances to guess the word of the day, and the rules are the same as in the previous round: the clues will be included within green, yellow, and gray blocks.


Playing these games with your pals might not only be entertaining and intriguing, but it also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how foul-mouthed you can be. And if you’d rather use Wordle, we’ve got some helpful hints and suggestions for you there as well!