If you are looking to promote your business, pop-up tents are the way to go. They are easy to install, detach and relocate to another location because of their lightweight frames. These custom tents can easily be transported, allowing you to take your business anywhere. With the pandemic coming to an end, trade shows are finally back and if you are looking to advertise your business, custom canopy tents are a great tool to have. These tents can be customized with branded graphics, images and company logos and also personalized further by using accessories that can help your business shine out.

Accessories for outdoor canopy tents are not very expensive and can help you feature your business in the way you envisioned. Still not sure what accessories to get for your next trade show? Here’s a checklist for pop-up tent accessories that you can keep handy before a trade show.


Corner flags

Corner flags for your pop-up tents can turn out to be a great idea for your business. They are super easy to install and give a great look in addition to the outdoor canopy tent. You can print images and logos of your business on these flags and install them to increase the tent’s visibility. You can also print your logos on both sides of the flag so that people can see them more easily. You can find corner flags in various sizes and materials to choose as per your business needs.


Table covers and tent counters

Table covers are one of the most popular accessories for pop-up tents and are great for marketing campaigns. Whether you are promoting your business at exhibitions, college events, or even trade shows, this accessory is a great utility for your tent and is used as a mandatory accessory for any event. Tent counters are placed right above the table and are advantageous as well; they can help while displaying a product or even serving food. The counter is a good spot to place your company’s business cards as well as flyers, if you want to hand out any.


Sky banners

If you want to add graphics to the top of your tent, sky banners are a great option. They are removable elements and take about five minutes to set them up. Sky banners are a great way to place logos or custom signage for passers-by to glance at. Sky banners are tall and are placed on top of your outdoor canopy tent, making it highly visible to anyone who is far away as well. A lot of times there is clutter near the tent and sky banners are a good way to advertise your business as they are tall and very easy to spot. 


Rain gutters

As much as we love the pleasant weather during the rains, nobody likes rainwater inside their canopies, making everything wet. If you plan to set up your custom canopy tent outside, on a rainy day, rain gutters are something that you will definitely need. These are an absolute necessity if you want to keep the inside of your tent dry. The rain gutter has a PVC strip that is designed to catch hold of the water from the roof of the pop-up tent and then drain it out, leaving the inside of the tent absolutely dry. If there is a lot of rain, the roof of the canopy will start to cave in, this is exactly what rain gutters protect from happening. 



Tent weights

Tent weights are one of the most important accessories to have before setting up your tent for a trade show. You never know when the wind speed will pick up, hence it is always advisable to properly secure it by using tent weights. The amount of weight that is needed depends on how heavy your canopy is; the more weight you add, the steadier your tent will be. You can buy stainless steel pins or gazebo weights to make your tent more stable. 




Before you head out to set up your outdoor canopy tent, make sure that you have all the things you need to have a successful campaign. Planning is the first step and creating a checklist is a part of it. Ensuring that you have everything that is needed, is a key part of planning the entire event. You will find several competitors putting in a lot of effort towards making their tent look good and attract the attention of the people walking by, hence you must choose your accessories in a way that makes your booth stand out. Not just that, it is important to use quality products to protect your business and keep your outdoor canopy tent functioning at its best.