There are seven world’s top universities in the world’s top 100 in Australia as per QS world university rankings 2022. These and many other universities in Australia provided courses such as Business and Management, Engineering and Built Environment, Computer Science and Information Technology, Health and Nursing, and Sciences.

Graduates from Australian Universities are highly sought after by employers around the world. This is one of the reasons for international students to study here if you are wondering why study in Australia.

• Accountancy 

Accountancy opens up many opportunities in related fields, not only for jobs but also for further studies. These are the roles that are very much in demand at present with roles such as tax and management accountancy both listed in the trade shortage list. Australia has the most advanced accounting standard therefore; the universities also teach advanced courses as per corporate governance standards.

• Computer Science and Information Technology

Software and computer science are two skills that are very much in demand not just in Australia, but worldwide. With an upsurge in Artificial Intelligence in recent years, there has been immense growth and popularity in this field.

• Engineering

As the human population grows, technology grows with it. This in return increases the demands of structural designing, transportation designing, etc. with minimal environmental impact and sustainability. This creates massive opportunities for the students to specialize in these particular fields of interest. There is a shortage of chemical engineers, electrical engineers, electronic and communication engineers, and mechanical engineers therefore, you can develop skills in these fields by pursuing one of these degrees in Australia.

• Architecture

With around 80 schools in Australia offering higher education in architecture, four are recognized among the top 50 universities for pursuing architecture, and around ten are placed among the top 100 architecture schools in Australia by QS World Rankings. Every year, about 700 new students enroll in Australian Architecture Schools.

• Actuarial Science

In this field, you learn the skills to assess risks in finance, insurance, and many other sectors by using mathematical and statistical methods. These predictions are made to access the likelihood of fraudulent people and transactions.

Australia is one of the best places in the world to study actuarial science. Many universities in the area offer a curriculum, which can be pursued as an undergraduate or graduate degree. This means you have more opportunities to apply and a better probability of being accepted into an Australian university.

You can start the process of pursuing higher education abroad in Australia today and choose one of the above-mentioned degrees. These will certainly be worth the investment and will churn out good returns in the future. As these fields are highly in demand and have many high-paying jobs in Australia you will certainly find it beneficial to pursue one of these degrees.

Even if you don’t find these fields to be of your interest there are still many other programs available. Though these are the most popular courses there are other courses also which are excellent in Australia, so you can opt for those which interest you.