– When & How To Take It:

Those who are fitness freaks spend a lot of time in the gym, where they do hardcore workouts in order to maintain their shape and size that’s why in order to fulfill the needs of your body it is very important to take workout supplements. We should consume supplements because after gym we have to recover from muscle damage that is caused because of workout. Now, the question arises for beginners, when & how to take workout supplements? Let us find the answer of this question. 

Q. When & How To Take Workout Supplements?

  • Pre Workout Supplements:


  1. Supplement: Nitric Oxide Booster:


The function of this supplement: Usually, the main function of this supplement is to increase the blood flow in your body.


When to take it: You should take this supplement before 30 minutes of the workout. 


Friends, if you want to reduce the recovery time of your body after a workout then you should consume this supplement this will help your body in recovering from workout damage. Now, the question arises, How to take supplements.


How to take supplements: Take a scoop of this supplement and mix it with your pre-workout shake and then mix it properly to get the best results. If you like this supplement then you can purchase pre & post-workout supplements online in the comfort of your home


  1. Supplement: BCAA’s.


The main function of this supplement: Nothing but to alleviate muscle soreness and also reduce back fatigue. 


When to take it: The right time to take this supplement is 30 minutes before a workout, this will provide you immense energy to boost your performance. 


Usually, BCAA’s are one of the most important components of protein – when we eat protein our body starts breaking it down into BCAA’s to deliver them to your body for energy. If you want to improve your performance in the gym then you should take this supplement before 30 minutes of the workout. If you like this supplement then you can purchase it at affordable rates in the comfort of your home. 

Now, it is the time to talk about post-workout supplements:


  • Post Workout Supplements:


  1. Supplement Name: Glutamine.


The key function of this supplement: Prevent muscle breakdown and improves metabolism of protein.


When to take this supplement: You should consume this protein after an hour of workout. 


If you are a fitness freak then it will become your best friend in a very less time Glutamine is nothing but an amino acid that gives the energy to your muscles with nitrogen, the best thing about glutamine is that it burns out very quickly when your body needs to be replenished after workouts. If you think that this supplement is good for you then you can purchase it online, you can also purchase other pre & post-workout supplements online at reasonable rates. 


  1. Name of the supplement: Creatinine:


Main Function Of This Supplement: Prevents muscle soreness.


The right time to consume it: You should consume this supplement after one hour of workout. 


It alleviates muscle expansion during resistance training, it recovers your body at a rapid pace with minimal soreness. You can easily purchase this supplement online. 


These are some important pre & post-workout supplements that are very important for you if you are a fitness freak person.