Reorder Paragraph in the exam you can expect somewhere around two to four now, this is going to be the same even for the new pattern okay it’s gonna get two to four all right easily. You will get a minimum of two to start with the order paragraphs in the exam. You’ll get two to four so now how does the marking works now the marking works according to the page so you will be given segments.If you arrange them accordingly to their pair you will get one mark for example if we get four segments so you’ll be getting three marks because there are three pairs one and two is one pin two and three are another pair three and four is another bit so let’s say instead of one two three four you did two three four one. You still get two marks because two and three and three and four still gives you one mark so that’s a basic marking structure now make sure if you find reorder paragraph very difficult in the exam still go for the pairing method now.

What does mean payment method?
The paying method basically means that you don’t worry about the independence and tense you don’t worry about the conclusions and then whatever the page you know can get in the exam just join them together and you will get the partial marking on the basis of them. Hence, paying method is actually more important sometimes more beneficial, and effective than the original standard method.

This is that we find independence intense first then the following sentences, but we will go through both the methods quickly before we move on to anything let’s first quickly look into the very first step of reorder paragraphs.

Which is finding the independent sentence?

Independence and tense are the very first sentence we call independent sentences we also call topic sentences now make sure every one of you guys please write down the steps to find the independent segments number one step to figuring out the very first sentence of the reorder paragraph is that in the very first sentence you will get a topic introduction.

What is a topic the subject which will be discussed in almost every segment of the reorder paragraph will be the topic? let’s say they’re talking about the books. If they’re talking about animals if they’re talking about classroom anything. which is being discussed most of the time in all the segments that are normally the topic so the very first and the most important step is to figure out. whether in the independent sentence they have introduced the topic if there is no topic in the independent sentence that’s not the independent image, so very important to quickly give you an example let’s say if we have to introduce ourselves.

We will introduce ourselves starting with our name if we don’t give the name then we can’t tell about uh tell more about ourselves similarly the reorder paragraphs are structured in a similar way if you don’t give the introduction of the topic in the topic sentence that’s not the topic sentence.

In the second step, you will find a lot of nouns can be common nouns can be proper nouns but you will find a lot of nouns over there most of the time. let’s say if they have introduced about introduce the institute name institute the introduce the article name book name anything which they have introduced in the first sentence that would have nouns so very quick way to figure out the independent sentences. The sentence which has a lot of
nouns that are going to be your independence intention third step there will be no references.

What do we mean by no references?

That means there won’t be he she them that means pronounced and so on however there is an exception the exception is noun plus pronoun. what does this mean if there is a noun in this sentence then there can be a pronoun. let’s say the sentence is starting with he is very ruthless most of the time we don’t pick that sentence as an independent sentence because it is starting with t for now but there’s an exception let’s say in the same sentence saying. He is very ruthless his name is George so what does this noun press rule says, we can have a pronoun in the topic sentence if there is a noun as well so he is the pronoun over hey but they have also mentioned his name that is the noun George over there so this sentence can also be the independent sentence so that takes me to very important component guys lot of students out there they just select the sentence or they eliminate the sentence just based on the very first word.

Never do that the very first sentence can also start with nevertheless it can start with however it can start with any connector you cannot select the sentence based on just the starting word always read the entire sentence that’s very important okay the second after the noun structure down rule the fourth step is now.

What do we mean by article 2?

The article rule says the topic sentence is always generic uh we can say it’s a journal so, therefore, the topics and ends normally start with a or a because it’s a very journey however in the following sentences article rule applies and the same sentence or the same topic will be distinguished so very first sentence they’re normally gonna use the topic or normally gonna use a or an and in the following sentences they’re gonna use though to give you guys an example. let’s say we pick this very simple example I like to read a lot of books. now this is very journals and links this is let’s say the independent syntax then the following sentence would start with means uh though the book I like the most is head for okay now over here the article rule is being applied so we started with particle rule a or and with the books then we started with though the book that means now this sentence is specific that’s why it’s the following sentence, so this is also another way to figure out your independent sentence and the following sentence. step number five svo rule now this is a very important rule now.

What do you mean by svo?
Svo means subject-verb checked. how do we use it now let me give you an example again? if we talk about the subject-verb and object rule it should be picked moment verb let’s say you say a woman is blind so this is a verb then let’s say we object over here object can be anything can you break cricket. so that’s here now most of the time the independent sentence would have your subject.

The subject will be introduced in the very first sentence in the following sentence:

They will describe what the person is doing in this case he’s playing they haven’t described what he’s playing yet, so we cannot put the object before the word. We need to first establish what he’s doing in this case he is playing so this is going to be the following continuous sentence now.

what do you mean by following continuous sentence so the sentence which is a part of the actual object sorry subject that is a continuous sentence so most of the time the subject and verb they are in a continuous flow so we say that okay mohr loves to um sorry there is a guy in my classroom¬†his name is the second sentence would be he loves to play a lot then in the third sentence would be he is very good in cricket but he is not able to play that much due to his exams now most of the times what we do is we keep movement and object in this case cricket together because there’s a direct relationship between subject and object however we miss out the important aspect which is the word this is very important that you keep the subject and verb always together then you bring the object which is cricket now to simplify this let’s Mohan is very good in studies the second sentence says he loves to play during weekends or during weekend okay then person then says he is good in cricket. we have watched him playing.

Now when you get these three sentences in the exam a lot of you guys will make a mistake putting this sentence and this sentence together why because if you read this intense woman is very good in studies he is good in cricket we love or we have watched him playing okay however you have missed the very important aspect over here which is the book says that he loves to play during weekends okay we cannot establish the subject before we bring the verb so make sure that you force it into the subject. The subject is a moment in this case playing is the word then what he’s playing cricket that is the subject.

Now it can be in the opposite way if the sentence is in passive voice so the same rule applies but in a passive way it will be subject instead of the subject it’s gonna be objected verb will stay same and instead of the object over here.

It will be subject so this is the active voice and this is going to be a passive voice and in the passive voice the sentence will be cricket is being played by moment. The same rules apply though, so you’re gonna still follow the verb with the object in this case, and then you’re gonna break the subject now if you guys understand.

This svo rule is very clear you’re gonna never get it wrong this is very important to understand how the subject-verb and object rules apply.

Now moving on to the next rule, the next rule which helps us to find independence and density and also the following sentences is this inverted pyramid. now just remember this inverted pyramid or you can say a slice of a pizza if you’re hungry but how does this help us out the very important thing when it comes to this particular inverted pyramid is the moment you go from top to bottom the depth of this pyramid decreases so this is broader this is less broader and this is very narrow similarly preorders are structured it will start with a very journal statement but it will be brief in nature they’re not going to give a lot of details.

I have seen students who pick the independent sentence with a lot of examples lot of explanations the first sentence will be to the point very brief journal sentence it will not have examples. It will not have explanations that are very important the second sentence of the following sentences would be more specific in nature so the rule is a journal to specific now it doesn’t matter how lengthy or how different your paragraph is this rule will always apply journal to specific it’s always going to come from journal sentence you can go to the specific sentence.

There are a couple of ways the reorders can be structured but before I move to that stage so far any doubts anyone all clear okay now let me quickly explain to you.

Reorders can be structured in two to three different ways let’s say we pick the scenario where you get four paragraphs. We know this is gonna be a topic sentence now this sentence will be the explanation for this one. This one is gonna be an example of this and this. The fourth one can be a couple of things can be a conclusion can be a second argument, so in this case, the argument number one is gonna be this first argument, so it can be the second argument it can be a concluding statement or it can be for the example. that’s scenario number one where we have got four uh segments so the very first one.

We know it’s always gonna be topic sentence then it’s gonna be the explanation to that then it’s gonna be example then it’s gonna be a conclusion or second argument or the further example in the cases of where we have five segments first one again is gonna be topic second one again it’s gonna be the first argument or you can say it can be the explanation then it’s gonna be sometimes can be without this without explaining this or without giving examples they can straight away bring the second argument over here in this case example is going to come over here and then conclusion statement.

On the other hand, let’s say they have not uh you know they have not described the second argument everything is going to remain the same topic sentence first argument explanation or examples actually to this argument then they’re gonna bring the second argument then an example of this so there’s not gonna be any scenario number three topic statement again first argument examples of this fourth one is gonna be a second argument fifth one will be conclusion so there is no example for this.

When there is a topic and conclusion?

This is very important guys to listen to it carefully when there is a topic and conclusion both of them are going to look like an independent index, so a lot of times we see that students put the conclusion on the top and the introduction in the bottom because they both are independence and tense in some way but again you need to remember the rules for independent sentence. What are the rules whether a topic is being described there or not whether it has nouns or not whether it is actually applying all the rules such as your svo rule article rule noun plus pronoun rule and so forth so don’t get confused when you get two independent sentence statements in the reorder paragraph?

There can be two independent statements but most of the time one of them is gonna be the conclusion and you need to remember the rules for the independent sentence which we already just discussed that’s where you will be able to find the topic in that so far everyone. Now let’s quickly look into the rules to figure out the following sentences.

How to find the independent sentence?

We know uh what kind of structures we can expect there can be one or more structures but these are the main important structures which you can expect in the exam for your rear paragraphs. Now following sentences we know a couple of tools will already help us to figure out the following sentences and the number one rule. We know is article rule so the second sentence or the following sentence, if they have used article rule, will be introduced by though okay in the very first sentence we know that they have used a or and in the following sentence they will be using though second is svo rule know how this rule works so in the following sentences they’re going to be verb they’re going to be an object and so forth The third rule or third step is we need to guys find out the links.

This is very important.

How do you find out the link between the first and tenth and the second sentence?

Seconds and tens or the third sentence and so on the very common mistake which a lot of us do is we match the sentences based on just words never match the sentences just based on words that are never gonna work out maybe once a while you get the flu but it’s not gonna happen every time in the exam so never do it on the basis of just words it has to be the basis of the meaning now if you remember the three or four structures which we just described in every structure there is one thing on explanation comes before example again the same thing we’re gonna explain in this particular statement. We have already explained in the view that you cannot give the example to a certain thing before explaining it that is a very common mistake.

Which we make you just cannot put the examples out there without explaining the fact so first, you need to provide the explanation guys then and then only you describe it further, so again inverted pyramid if you guys remember the rule was the first tenth is gonna be journal the second syntax is gonna be a little bit specific okay now this one would have arguments in it or you can say explanation the third sentence is going to be more specific because it’s gonna have examples or further explanation to this and then it becomes automatically more specific let’s say if we talk about in the very first and tense books.

We mentioned the name over here over here we will mention its author its publication date its revenue sales and so on it can be anything. It’s going to be more specific to the book itself, but over here we’re going to first introduce the name of the book or we’re going to introduce or we’re going to explain the fact of the books then we’re going to give examples it’s revenues it’s sales it’s publication date and so on so never put examples before the argument. This is very important so you need to identify it.

Which one is the explanation?

The examples are always going to come after the explanation, if you get this right your paragraphs are always going to get right.

How do we have to do the pairing method?

This was the normal standard method we find the first sentence then we find the second sentence then we find the third sentence and so on but in the paying method. We don’t care which one is first and which one is second we just care about the pairs because we just directly go for partial marking, failing method is very important and very straightforward. We don’t worry about which one is independent and which one is not we just directly read out sentence by sentence and figure out which two pairs can go together okay now the perry method obviously will give us pasture market but it also saves time as well.

How to let’s say if we got five sentences we picked one of them correct so let’s say we pick three and four we know three and four is gonna come together we have kept it aside three and four is gonna come together doesn’t matter if you come in the top or in the at the bottom but it’s gonna go together so that means we have already secured one mark, so the minimum we cannot get is one, not zero, so that’s good so the minimum we’re gonna get now is one we have scored or secured three to four or three and four as one. now what you need to do next is you need to create a pair with four or with three which means let’s say you do matching or hidden trial if you’re not very sure in the varying method you try to match two and four.

You try to match one and four you try to match four and five. let’s say if you figure it out it’s going to be four and five. you’ve got one more mark, so you find one pair and then you try to make another page from that particular pick, that’s very important similarly we’re gonna do the same thing with three. we’re gonna match one and three we’re gonna match two and three we’re gonna match uh five and three, let’s say if you figure out uh one-two is remaining. So then again, We’re gonna do this step either it’s gonna be independent or conclusion but in this case it’s gonna be before three. so we’re gonna put two over here okay so that’s how the failing method works over here we don’t have any sequence to follow.

We don’t have any certain pattern to follow we directly try to focus on getting one pair and then try to make another page from that particular page. Now, this is very effective when the order paragraphs are very lengthy sometimes the information is very complex okay you don’t have enough time to spare in the exam let’s try to solve this exam question with the techniques which we have just gone through quickly let’s go through all the segments one by one and let’s try to use at least the techniques which you have just learned by using them uh adequately so let’s read the very In the first sentence, the takeover battle raged for six months before asler’s bosses finally listened to shareholders who wanted the board to accept Michael’s third offer now.

We have discussed this already guys that they will not use the short forms in the very first sentence which means most likely this is not the independent sentence but they’re talking about something which has been going on for six months that is a battle now that means there is something where they are you know fighting over something and they tell about that they finally listen to the shareholders who wanted the board to accept mithal’s third offer, now this gives us a little bit of understanding that there is a fight going on and they have some you know story to tell before uh you know these two or this particular sentence that they are telling about a fight they’re telling about uh war probably you know it’s a corporate war because they are shareholders involved as well. So this is the very first sentence but we are sure it is not the independent sentence again though is also written most of the time students make this common mistake by just looking at the very first word they would neglect the sentence but you always should be reading the entire sentence to you know to get it confirmed whether.

This is the independence intense or not, in this case, this is also one of the factors but this is the most important factor that over here –

They have to use the short form we don’t know what’s the full name of this person and we have not even seen this you know somewhere yet so we cannot um you know say that this is going to be the independent sentence, let’s move on to the second sentence over there the story tells us two things about European business both positive.

Now the story again article rule guys article rule says we use mostly though in the sentences where we have already mentioned something that means it should be already the story should have been in already told by now okay and we are just referring to the story that’s why we have used though that those story tells us so that means this again doesn’t look like an independent sentence okay not only just by looking at the first word but also another factor this is not giving us information about the topic yet by reading the very first sentence. We could say it’s about the corporate war but this one is not telling us something yet.

So it’s not giving us any information yet so I know it should be brief in nature as we have discussed the independent sentence but it should at least introduce the topic we cannot find any topic here,

so that’s why we’re neglecting this one as well uh so far one and two we could not say any one of them is the independent sentence let’s move on to the third one it was taken over by Mithra now again do not make the mistake just by reading the first word never neglect it because even though it is a pronoun over here but if you guys remember the rule noun plus pronoun rule that means if there is a noun given it can also you know be started with the pronoun so we need to see if it is uh referring to a noun in this particular sentence itself or not if it is that means we can use this sentence or this sentence can be potential independence in limbs okay so let’s read the entire sentence quickly it was taken over by mithil a dutch registered company, there we go now we know it is being referred to a company which is dutch registered a touch registered company run from
London by its biggest single shareholder luxury mithal there you go, guys, now.

We know this guy’s full name an Indian who started his first business in Indonesia okay now this tells us brief information about the topic.

The topic is not about lakshmi method topic is about the single shareholder because that’s what they mentioned over here as well that the shareholders wanted the boat to accept mithal’s third offer and he was one of the biggest single shareholders and he uh basically was an Indian.

Who started his first business in Indonesia now this looks like an independence intent so far but we still need to go through the other two as well just to confirm that this is the right one now they’re saying first shareholder activism is increasing in a continent where until recently it was depressingly rare okay first now that means this is part of some sequence that’s how they write it first over here and then a comma that means the first point is this that the shareholder activism is increasingly increasing in a continent in our continent okay again this is referring to a continent-continent over here could be India as he is Indian or Indonesia right but it is referring to a continent where until recently it was depressingly rare, so activism just started out in the continent so that’s the first point let’s move on to the second one but now we know fourth is also not the independent sentence why because it’s not introducing the topic it is giving more explanation it is giving more i could say examples to the explanation.

Now last sentence says second so that means first and second this could be a pair guys potentially we have found a pair over here mostly this is the very first sequence this is the second sequence and more important the Oslo metal deal demonstrates Europe’s depending integration into the global economy and more important that means it is much more important than the first one so that’s another link over here which we could say that
four and fifth is a pair and they’re saying that this guy’s deal demonstrates that Europe’s deepening integration into the global economy not depending on its deepening integration into the global economy, that means his deal with the European company which we could see from over here London’s company which was dutch registered so their deal demonstrates Europe’s deepening integration into the global economy, so far we could say this is the independence intense and these two are a pair.

That means no matter what we’re going to get one mark this is very important to understand guys we really need to get at least some partial marking from reorder paragraphs so the moment you start uh seeing a pair make sure that you keep it separately so that you can secure partial marking at least secure one mark at least, all right so now what we have done I’m going to clear the notes over here so far we have decided this is going to be the independent sentence and fourth and fifth is the pay now let’s figure out where one and two are going to go and automatically we will be able to make entire sequence correct so we know it was taken over by mithal a touch registered company run from London by its biggest shareholder uh Lakshmi mithal an Indian.

Who started his first visit in Indonesia now if I write if I see this particular sentence number one the takeover battle rage for six months now this is where they’re saying guys take over battle so that means if you see over here it was taken over and take over battle now that gives us a clue of a sequence over here of a pair over here so they’re saying over here it was taken over by mithyl and this takeover battery so that means we could put three and one together so it was taken over by mithal and this takeover battle went on for six months before asler’s bosses finally listened to shareholders who wanted the board to accept mythal’s third offer then we can say either two can come after five or two can come before four now this will decide whether you’re going to get full marks or not.

So this is a very important point most of the time by understanding all the segments you could easily tell where two is going to go but even let’s say you did not figure out where two is going to go then my suggestion to you is to start matching or start finding a link between five and two and start finding a link between one and two or two and four the moment you find a link between let’s say one and two most likely it’s gonna be over here or if you find a link between five and two it’s most likely going to be over here but we need to have a proper link but we know by understanding all the segments now they’re saying the story tells us two things now this is very important to understand that the two things are this and this so that means number two will go not after number five it will 100 percent go before four because we are introducing the two things now then we tell them to tell you to know further about them so the first was this and the second was this so this is very important where we need to understand.

That putting one sentence or one segment in the right place can give us two marks why because one and two will be giving us one mark and two and four will also be giving us another mark so make sure that you put the sentence in the right place and automatically you will get full sequence now over here automatically this gives us a pair two and four why because they tell us two things which we could easily see it’s number four and number five and number one and number two also have a link because over here they say the takeover battle which went for six months the story then tells us about European business both positive how could we say it’s about a European business because we could see it from the very first intense which was in London uh it was happening in London and mithal took over this particular company and that means it’s a European business automatically and both positive so these both are positive statements.

let’s quickly see the answer guys all right three one two 4 5 so that gives us 4 out of 4 now this is what we are planning to do guys we will not just run behind the independence and tense yes it is important to know the topic that helps you to make the pairs accordingly but if you find a pair you keep it aside and start working on other page start working on other links so it can give you more and more marks okay and this technique will also, help you right with the questions which are very very difficult to understand in the uh shortest span of time in the final exam we don’t have much time guys on hand we just have a couple of minutes right and we need to make sure that we get the marks as well and we manage the time effectively as well.

Now, this was one of the very recent exam questions make sure you apply the techniques to the other questions as well okay we’ll be doing one more question guys and we’ll be discussing it together.

Guys let’s follow the same rules and techniques in the second question which is about the green tea now this one is also one of the recent exams questions specifically green tea may prevent the oxidation of ldl cholesterol the bad type which in turn can reduce the buildup of plaque and arteries the researchers wrote now specifically that means specifically green tea can help us in preventing the oxidation of ldl cholesterol that means it should also have another benefit as well but specifically this can help us to reduce this, so this does not look like the independent sentence because it helps us the specifically the very first one helps us to understand that there could be other benefits, but again we cannot say it for sure we should read the other sentences one by one as well they pointed to again do not make a decision by just reading they could also being refer to the noun in the sentence as well which means they could also say some people all right they could mention the name of the group so they could also refer to that in the sentence.

So without reading the entire sentence never make a decision just by reading the very first sentence they pointed to what they called an Asian paradox which refers to lower rates of heart disease and cancer in Asia despite high rates of cigarette smoking so someone has pointed to what they call an Asian paradox again guys so this does not give us um noun that means this cannot be the independent sentence but it gives a good understanding that it does have other uh what we say benefits that Asian people because it says Asian paradox refers to the lower rate of heart disease they have that means low heart disease and cancer even of high consumption of cigarette smoking or cigarette consumption, so this is a paradox, so this again cannot be an independent sentence.

Let’s move on to the third one in May 2006 researchers at yale university school of medicine failed in on the issue with the review article that looked at more than 300 studies on the health benefits of green tea now this looks like an independent sentence why because we have a lot of nouns also it introduces the topic health benefits of green tea that’s what we have learned in number two that’s what we have learned in number one as well okay so third looks like an independent sentence that in partic this particular year researchers at yale university wherein on the issue with the review article that looked at more than 300 studies on the health benefits of green tea let’s read number four as well they theorize that the 1.2 liters of green tea that is consumed by many Asians each day provide a high level of poly plants and other antioxidants they now guys we have seen two sentences with the number four and number two so far.

We have figured out they can only be referred to researchers which means there is a potential pair either three and four can be one pair or three and two can be one pair that we will figure out after reading the number fifth these compounds again that’s a link we need to figure out where the compounds are given and we can quickly make one pair may work in several ways to improve cardiovascular health so far after reading all of them we could say the compounds are only mentioned over here guys that means four and five are going to be one pin so we secured one mark and number three is the independent sentence, so far we have figured out an independent sentence and one pair.

let’s place them accordingly so three is going to be over here and we know number four and number five is one pin okay now we need to figure out where the number one and number two will go but let’s read three again in May 2006 researchers at yale university school of medicine varian on the issue with the review article that looked at more than 300 studies on the health benefits of green tea that means we need now figure out what are uh other benefits of green tea that could be a link to the next uh segment let’s read number two quickly and number one again they pointed to what they call an Asian paradox okay now we knew that they are being mentioned two times in two different segments now there is being obviously referred to researchers just do not pair or group the words blindly yes they word can help us to make a link but it should not be the only reason guys for making a pair okay so we also need to match the understanding of match the sense as well, So in number two, they’re saying they pointed to what they call an Asian paradox.

This refers to lower rates of heart disease and cancer in Asia despite high rates of cigarette smoking whereas in number four they’re saying they theorize that 1.2 liters of green tea that is consumed by many Asians each day provides a high level of polyphenols and other antioxidants okay guys over here also we could use a technique which was an article rule and Asian paradox so the first time we are mentioning about Asians is over here the second time you’re mentioning about the Asians is that means number two will go above number four moreover in number two they have just mentioned that there is a low heart disease or cancer even though people are smoking a lot and then in number four they explain it further than how it is done they’re saying that they’re drinking this much of green tea daily which helps them with these compounds and then these compounds are helping them to improve their cardiovascular health which is again prevention for the heart disease.

so that’s very apparent now that number two is going to be above number four and number three and number two are going to be a pair so we are just left with the last one which is one which is going to be the final sentence over here we’re saying specifically green tea may prevent the observation of LDL now we have already figured out why they sing specifically because it also helps to improve cardiac cardiovascular health and that’s the reason it says specifically. It helps with the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which can help to clear the plaque in the arteries the researchers, let’s check the answer quickly guys all right so again we got the full sequence correct that means five segments four marks four pairs now this is how we should be practicing the reorder paragraphs in the starting do not worry too much about the time yes you should be able to get the accuracy the more you practice you will be able to solve them faster and faster in the exam you should spend about two and a half minutes maximum on one rear paragraph so that you could save the time for fill in the blanks which are drag and drop blanks as well.

Now this was Vishal Kapoor signing off from vision language if you like the video please subscribe to our channel this will help us and we will be making more instructional videos like this one in the future as well thank you guys see you next time.

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