A lot of travelers look for pet-friendly hotels, which enable them to bring along their little furry family members while traveling or on being on vacation. Since a great number of people own a pet today, the popularity of pet-friendly hotels has escalated big time.

Furthermore, the rise in the demand for pet-friendly hotels has also made hotels start accommodating pets as well. Now, since there are a number of pet-friendly hotels available, it can get a bit confusing for pet owners to know if a hotel would really make their pet feel comfortable or not.

Here are a few characteristics or qualities you must look for to make sure a hotel is truly pet-friendly. Let’s get started.

1.     Reasonable Fees

The first thing that you would want to look into a hotel is reasonable fees. Along with that, you must ensure that there are no additional charges for getting your pets accommodated. One of the common types is the “one-time housekeeping fee.”

There are many pet-friendly apartments that charge as high as $250. Notably, you should only be willing to be $25 at maximum.

2.     Affordable Daily Pet Fees

A location or hotel that is actually pet-friendly would not require you to pay extremely high day-to-day pet fees. If the hotel has quoted a fee of $100 or more, this should not be acceptable. Always make sure to know if the hotel has added the pet fees to the housekeeping fee.

Importantly, you should choose a hotel only if it charges $10 to $25 as daily pet fees. However, there are also some prime quality pet-friendly hotels that don’t charge any extra money as pet fees.

3.     Minimal Restrictions

A truly pet-friendly hotel would never put restrictions on your pets or you. Some hotels have a rule that pet owners cannot leave their pets alone in their rooms or suites.

Moreover, these hotels also need you to hire and pay for using pet sitters at the hotel. Notably, a more acceptable rule should be to keep the pet in a crate if the owners would not be in the room with them for some time.

4.     Location of the Room

If you find a pet-friendly hotel near you, make sure the location of the room would not segregate you from other guests who are there without their pets. In addition to that, you will also have to make certain that the hotel would make you stay in a lower-quality room or section only because you have pets with you.

If a hotel does this thing, it would be best to find a different establishment. That hotel surely would not be a pet-friendly location.

5.     Cat-Friendly

Some so-called pet-friendly hotels don’t allow guests to bring their cats. Rather, they tend to only allow dogs on-premises. The fact is, individuals travel with a wide array of pets from dogs and cats to guinea pigs, house rabbits, turtles, and more.

Considering that, a truly pet-friendly hotel will allow every kind of pet, including cats, rather than allowing some selected pets.