Digestion problems can be very uncomfortable and even disrupt your day-to-day life. When you are suffering from issues like constipation, diarrhea, or abdominal pain related to digestion, choosing the right doctor for getting the correct treatment matters. Gastrointestinal diseases are life-threatening when ignored. Seeing a distinguished gastroenterologist in Kolkata for disorders affecting your digestive system is important to receive the best possible treatment as well as enjoy comprehensive care.

Also called a GI doctor, a gastroenterologist is a specialist that your primary care doctor might refer you to if you have been experiencing symptoms of a digestive disorder. Gastro doctors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the gastrointestinal tract, consisting of the mouth, stomach, esophagus, rectum, and intestines. These doctors can help patients even with conditions that include acid reflux, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, heartburn, IBD, IBS, and much more. But, how do you decide on the right gastroenterologist?

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Listed below are the attributes to look for in a GI doctor and settle for someone you deserve.

Top Qualities That Make The Best Gastroenterologist In Kolkata

  1. Enviable Reputation

When looking for a gastroenterologist, reputation must play a key role in your choice. Take advantage of the internet to check the reputation of the GI doctor you are considering hiring. Going through Facebook business pages, Google My Business page, and other websites can help you streamline your search. Keep in mind that a renowned gastroenterologist in Kolkata who values patient experience and provides excellent care often tends to have a lot of good reviews.

  1. Greatly Recommended By Other Doctors

If a gastro specialist is recommended by other doctors too, they have likely had multiple patients referred to them before and performed an excellent job. The best ones in this field will be well-known within the medical community through word of mouth and reputation. It is crucial to check their reputation, whether or not they conduct research or clinical trials on their own time and if they have a specific area of specialty.

  1. Highly Recommended By Other Patients

A gastroenterologist that’s recommended by other patients is very important as it is the patients who actually go through the treatment. They can give information about the GI doctor such as his/her service, treatment plans, and approach. You will be able to know what the experience is like under the treatment of this GI doctor and then decide if they are ideal for you. Look for the best gastroenterologist in Kolkata who enjoys positive patient reviews on search engine pages or other websites.

  1. Board Certifications

When it comes to choosing a gastro doctor, board certification is one of the key considerations. Board certification denotes that the specialist has the necessary training, experience, and skills to provide top-quality care. Gastroenterologists are board-certified specialists in gastroenterology and internal medicine. Additionally, you will receive top-notch care from your gastroenterologist and also consider if you are willing to be treated at the hospital where the specialist has privileges. Hospital quality matters since patients at top-rated hospitals have better survival rates.


Finding a medical specialist in any field can be challenging, especially when you are unsure of what to look for. And searching for a professional GI doctor is no different. Keeping in mind the above qualities can help you fine-tune your search when looking for a gastroenterologist. Make an appointment with a leading gastroenterologist in Kolkata and seek the highest quality digestive care.