In The PTE Reading section, the first question type is PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks. Students are presented with a text passage with several blank spaces. A dropdown list appears for each blank space, and students must select the answer that makes perfect sense, both contextually and meaningfully, out of the four options provided. You will find five to six of these questions in the real PTE test, each of which is a 300-word passage. The questions are designed to see how well you are able to identify the correct words that complete the text using grammatical and contextual hints, and each correct answer will earn you 1 mark.  Since there is no negative marking, even if you choose the wrong answers, you will still earn marks. If you want a good reading score, this question is especially important. When it comes to time management, there is no time allocated for Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks questions, or for the entire Reading section of the PTE exam.

The first step to understanding PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks tips and tricks is to understand the strategy. The trick here is to select the right word, with the right word type, and always in the right place. Basically, select the best word choice from the list of options.  Make sure the word fits the context. Upon evaluating what the given word means and whether or not it is the right word in the given context, then you have made the right choice. Vocabulary is the first and the most important skill you should develop in order to comprehend word meanings. The second skill you need to possess is good grammar skills in order to assess whether or not it is correct grammatically, and the third skill is the ability to understand collocations, which are groups of words that usually occur together, like a word pair, which makes sense when the words are arranged correctly.

The most important skill is to comprehend the context or meaning of the text passage. It can be political, scientific, social, historical, mythological, etc. The words before and after the blanks will help you determine the context and then decide which answer to select. View our PTE Reading and Writing Fill-in-the-Blanks with Answers to clear your doubts.

We discussed the skills and strategies to score well on the PTE test. Students need to build English language skills such as grammar and vocabulary, which are crucial for their success on the test.  It’s worth noting that PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks also contributes to your overall score, as it judges your ability to write precisely when you are filling in the blanks.