One of the most common problems with cargo racks is theft. Cargo racks are often left unattended outside and are like a magnet for thieves looking to make some easy money. They’ll break into your bike rack and steal your things, including your bikes. The best way to prevent this theft is by investing in jack bars and load lock inserts for your cargo rack. So, here are more reasons why you need to invest in them:

Necessary for pressure to stabilize cargo on the sidewalls of a vehicle

If you’re transporting something that may be sensitive or breakable, it’s best to have a load lock insert. The load lock inserts will stabilize the cargo and prevent it from shifting or moving while in transit. This can prevent damage to your cargo and accidents involving yourself and others involved in the transport process.

Load lock Bars are a quick and easy way to secure cargo in the back of a pickup truck

Load locks are a quick and easy way to secure cargo in the back of a pickup truck. They can be installed in minutes, then removed as quickly as you’re ready to load up again.

Load locks are also a good choice for other situations where safety is essential, such as when transporting delicate items like furniture or electronics. In addition, they work well on any size vehicle because they have an adjustable length to fit any vehicle, from small motorcycles up through full-size SUVs and pickup trucks alike!

There’s no need for expensive tools or installation expertise either; pull out one end (or both) at once and twist it together until it clicks into place—you’ll know if it’s locked down tight enough because there won’t be any movement between them at all!

Smoothen transit

One of the biggest reasons to invest in Jack Bars and load locks Inserts for your cargo rack is to keep your load safe. With these inserts, you can prevent damage to the load by preventing it from shifting during transit or falling out of the truck bed. This is especially important for fragile items that may fall out if not properly secured.

In addition to keeping your cargo secure, these inserts also help prevent damage caused by rubbing against each other while being transported on top of each other. If you’ve ever had a box full of wine bottles get excited while traveling down an aisle at Walmart, then you know how damaging this can be!


If you own a pickup truck and use it to transport items around town, there’s a good chance that you have experienced the pains of cargo rack instability. Jack bars and load locks reduce stress on your vehicle and make transportation more efficient.