Before we get right into the topic, answer us a simple question; what do you do when your standard office printer simply can’t cut it? Sure, it may be able to handle all the regular workplace needs, but have you thought about what would happen if you need to print signage, advertising documents, or anything that’s bigger than your standard paper sizes? 

Now, if your response to all of that is to hire a professional printing service, then you know how costly that can be, from the price of printing to the time it takes to go back and forth in receiving prints. In such a case you can go with a Canon large format printer in Kansas City, which is nothing but a powerhouse device that can handle many of your business printing needs. Not only that, but it’ll help you save time and money spent on dealing with outside services. 

What Exactly Is A Large Format Printer?

Large format printers can print on paper sizes that are larger than typical 8×11 or 11×17 printer sheets. So, if you want to produce an oversized advertising banner, map, poster, or stage backdrop, you can use a large format printer to handle those kinds of projects. These printers can print on paper that is up to 100 inches wide and that’s why they are also called wide format printers.

These printers are essential for various industries, including trade shows, advertising, education, construction, hospitality, and GIS. However, the benefits of these printers expanded in-house printing options.

Benefits of Large Format Printers

Here are some key ways that industries are taking advantage of this printing option: 

  • It Helps Maintain Your Branding 

You know what it takes to fulfill your brand’s needs. With large format printing solutions like the Canon OCE printer, you’ll focus on significant aspects and, ultimately, your brand recognition. 

  • It Ensures Quality 

When your clients see high-quality printed assets, they’ll know you care about their needs and every smallest detail. It will give them confidence in your products. With large format printing, you’ll be able to set the stage with everything you print. 

  • It Creates Accessible Experiences 

It improves how you visually communicate with all your customers. From marketing messages to visuals that overcome language barriers, you can easily enhance your signage with photos and QR codes that help clients navigate their purchasing decisions. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know how beneficial a Canon large format printer is, it’s time to make the best out of them and invest in them now if you haven’t.