Reiki is a healing technique that works by channeling energy into the body through the practitioner’s hands. Although it is more commonly associated with emotional and mental healing rather than physical ailments, the common line of thought is that to be healthy on the outside, one must be healthy on the inside, and Reiki can heal emotional ailments.

Reiki is one of the most holistic therapies based on various points of the body. All of these holistic, energy-based treatments are based on the body’s natural ‘chakras’ and energy fields, or auras, and are all based on ancient Asian theories. Reiki Healing Hands is a term used to describe people who have been attuned to the healing power of Reiki Healing and can channel this power through their hands.

Reiki Energy Massage By The Right Reiki Practitioner Gives You Health Benefits

How does Reiki Energy Massage work? The energy is directed at the body’s points by lightly touching or passing the hands over a series of locations on the recipient’s body. The energy flows through the practitioner and into the recipient’s body through the points, but it is not generated by the practitioner and does not deplete the Reiki practitioner’s energy supplies. Advanced practitioners can even administer treatment remotely, though this is a very advanced practice that new practitioners should avoid.

Reiki does not necessitate any special abilities or years of study to learn. Reiki treatments can be given to yourself, family and friends, animals, and plants. Reiki is even used on appliances by some people. Everything in the world uses some form of energy to function, so it stands to reason that a healing process that uses pure energy will heal or cure inefficiencies.

Reiki may be the gift of vitality and self-preservation encoded in all God’s creatures’ genetic makeup. The higher self’s connection to universal power is what gives life to all living tissues. All living things are connected by the Universal Life Force, the non physical ubiquitous energy that provides life to nearly every living organism.

About The Company

Reiki offered by Divine Self Love can help you improve every aspect of your life, as well as maintain and prevent illness. It is a risk-free and simple therapy option that can be used to supplement and enhance the effects of regular wellness care received in a hospital or wellness center. Reiki at Divine Self Love can also be used in conjunction with other natural healing crystals, with Reiki amplifying the effects of crystal.