The work of software engineers and web developers frequently intersects. However, these two professionals differ in certain key ways. Software engineers usually come from a technical background and focus on creating programs for operating systems.

Even if they do not come from a technical background, they do acquire the relevant skills and competencies through companies like Revature. On the other hand, web developers specialize in creating websites and web applications.

Revature briefly marks how software engineers differ from web developers

Software engineers are responsible for creating software products that can meet the specifications of operating systems, hardware, and network. It is due to these professionals that people get to enjoy gaming apps, have software for word processing and organizing information, and so on. To work as a software engineer, one ideally would require knowledge of mathematics, and computer science, as well as an expansive range of programming languages.

Software engineering involves researching and developing brand-new software programs and systems, as well as evaluating software products for operational efficiency and user experience. Software engineers are also competent in writing and testing computer code. Their skills and knowledge often include varied computer science specializations like robotics, database systems, and machine learning. People are likely to find software engineers in the technical department of software publishing, computer system design, and even management-related companies. Most of these professionals work full-time. Their job may focus on maintaining existing software, researching the needs of users, as well as long-term projects for new software development.

Web developers, on the other hand, are professionals who build and maintain websites and other applications for discerning web-related platforms. They are the ones who write code that allows mobile apps and websites to work in a seamless manner. Broadly speaking, there can be two main types of web developers, frontend and backend. Frontend web developers basically write the code that creates the interface users encounter. Conversely, backend developers specialize in code infrastructure that delivers services and data to the front end. To become a web developer one would need basic computer literacy and knowledge of certain common programming languages like Java, C++, and Python. Such professionals must be familiar with graphic design, user experience, and database management concepts. Most web developers get employed in marketing and IT-related companies. They may work part-time, full-time, or even as freelancers. On a typical workday, web developers are likely to juggle several projects, including writing code, creating layouts or wireframes, as well as integrating backend data from multiple sources.

Even though web development and software engineering do share common ground, both of these careers cater to distinctive strengths and interests. Their differences must be kept in mind when selecting anyone as a career path. Software engineers usually require an aptitude for logical thinking and math, along with computer science. Even an entry-level software engineer generally knows several programming languages.

Even if software engineers graduate in a non-technical field, they can learn programming languages and other important skills through Revature. Web developers ideally do not need a high educational level in programming, and can succeed with basic programming capabilities and user experience concepts.