You are lucky if the only rodent you have seen is Stuart Little, Jerry the Mouse, and Remy from Ratatouille! But if the experience has accelerated to see a real mouse in your home, without any delay contact a pest control service provider. However, there are a lot of myths about rodents.  College Station pest control has listed some myths. Here are the following myths.

#1: Rats do not carry diseases anymore

You might have heard that the previous day rats caused a plague that killed a ton of people. As people do not listen to the plague anymore, that does not mean that rats are no longer dangerous. Modern living conditions, proper hygiene, and medical facilities are preventing the outbreak of plague or any other diseases caused by rats.

#2: Touching rats is not harmful

As people also pet rats, so it is alright to touch rats, this is a myth that people believe. There is a lot of difference between a pet rat and a rat who lives in the wilderness. The pet rats are friendly as they always see you. But wild rats might scratch or bite you. Rat bites can cause rabies.

#3: Rats love cheese

As you have grown up seeing cartoons, you might think that rats love having cheese. But no! There are different species of rats. Some are vegetarians while others are omnivorous. If you are setting a rat trap, try to identify the rat you are dealing with and then place the bait accordingly.

#4: Cats will keep rats away

Wilde cats are good at hunting, but if they domesticate a cat or two, they will not end up becoming good hunters. The reason behind this is that when you domesticate the cat, you are providing readymade food which kills the hunting instinct in them. So if you are facing a rodent infestation, the best option to get rid of them is to hire a professional pest control service.


Professional pest control service providers are trained in different techniques and skills that they use for various kinds of pests. Rodent infestation can be harmful to your health. Also, they are notorious for eating paper, clothes, and whatnot! To ensure that they are dealt with call pest control. They will detect the entrance and seal them. Kill the rats that have already taken refuge in your house.