The planet Mars or Kuja is the most courageous planet in Vedic Astrology. The planet is known to bestow energy, passion, aggression, dynamism and valor to a person. Mars is a male planet and is known for its impatience and hasty nature.

 “धरणीगर्भा सम्भूतं विद्युत्कान्ति समप्रभम

कुमारं शक्तिहस्तं च मंगलम प्रणमाम्यहम “

 “Born from the womb of the Earth, Mars is radiant, has the sparkling shine of an electric spark, strong hands with carrying powerful weapons.”

What does the planet Mars represent?

Mars signifies blood, bone marrow, fire, police, army, courage, cooking, stamina, aggression, accident, surgery, war, land, siblings, mechanical engineering, machines, scientist, red coral, toor daal, kitchen, short temperament, leader, rude speech, sama veda, muscular tissues, etc.

Mythology about Mars

As per Hindu Mythology, Mars is called the bhauma or bhumiputra i.e., the son of the Earth. He carries several weapons in his four hands and rides on a golden chariot. Its direction is in the South, blood red in color depicting fire. He is known to be the Narasimhavatara of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Traits of Mars

Mars holds both destructive and constructive energies, just like wildfire and fire in the kitchen or yajna kund.  Mars also signifies the bodily passion or sexual energy of an individual. The same energy may either take the native towards fall through overindulgence in sexual activities or may make the native use it for energizing bodily chakras. Based on the strength and placement of Mars in birth chart, the native gets good or bad results from the planet.

 What does Mars rule in the birth chart?

Mars comes at the 3rd position after the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is a karaka of soul, and Moon is a karaka of mind, and inner attributes called mana. When the consciousness and soul come together, a jeeva evolves and it is there the need of energy arises. Now, this energy is given by the planet Mars to create and move the body.

The specifications of Mars

  • Lord – Aries, Saggitarius
  • Exaltation- Capricorn
  • Debilitation- Cancer
  • Mooltrikona sign – Aries
  • Dasha period –  7 years
  • Friends – Sun, Moon, and Jupiter
  • Enemies- Rahu, Ketu, and Mercury
  • Neutral- Saturn and Venus
  • Articles of donation – Toor dal, ox, mild red color cloth, copper, coral stone
  • Weapons- Trishula, mace, and sword
  • Mandala- Trikona or triangular
  • Vehicle – Ram
  • Deity- Lord Kartikeya
  • Sacred wood – Khadira
  • Offering for the worship of Mars- Jaggery rice
  • Flower- Karaveera
  • Day- Tuesday
  • Body Parts- Bile, forehead, bone marrow, muscular tissue
  • Diseases – fever, blood pressure, wound, cut, smallpox, tumor, ulcer, pile, abortion, epilepsy, burns, and deformity

Effect of Mars in different houses

Mars is considered good in some houses and bad in others. These are just the general results of the planet, and the strength and association has to be seen to find the final results-

Mars in the First House

First house is the house of a person’s body, head, personality, etc. Mars with its aggression, makes the natives highly impatient and hyperactive here. The native becomes an action-oriented and highly competitive person. The native is always energetic and wishes to win no matter what! The 1st house is 11th from the 3rd house. So, such natives make lots of gains through their self-efforts. Mars in First house here makes for a good sports person. Mars from here also casts an aspect at the 7th house, creating problems in married life.

Mars in the Second House

The 2nd house is a house of family, values, wealth, food, speech etc. Mars in 2nd House makes the native impatient in handling financial matters. They may not speak nicely or save their money. They have command in their voice. Mars, under affliction, can make the native use abusive language. The family members may not like them for their dominating nature. They mostly like spicy, hot and non veg. food.

Mars in the Third House

The third house is a house of courage, communication, siblings, and self-efforts. Mars in the 3rd house in birth chart is considered good as its energy matches its natural significance. Mars here gives boldness in speech and the native may work in the field of journalism, army, debater, secretive agent. They travel a lot and are very good sportspersons. Their siblings are very competitive and courageous in nature and will get good benefits from the native.

Mars in the Fourth House

It’s the house of domestic peace and Mars here creates mangal dosha also. It is ruled by the soft planet Moon in the natural kundli and Moon tend to get debilitated in Cancer. So, it doesn’t give good results. The native is not comfortable in home and may talk in rude manner with the family members. Mars as a karaka of land gives good benefits of lands here. The position is good for going in real estate business. The native may study technical and medical subjects. The mother will have angry and ruthless temperament.

Mars in the Fifth House

The 5th house is a house of purvpunya, intelligence, education, creativity and children etc. the native is very courageous and may perform well in creative and sports field. They may not perform well in studies and may go for some technical educational stream. Here, Mars doesn’t match with the energy as intelligence wants a person to think and Mars just wishes to react. The children of the native are also very aggressive and hyper.

Mars in the Sixth House

Mar in the house of diseases, debts, enemies, fights and competition is considered good. Here, it makes the native win in every walk of life. The 6th house is a fortune of the 10th house, so the native also performs well in business and profession. The native may be involved in law, medical and sports fields. They are highly dominating and hyperactive here. The position gives loans and debts though. They may be afflicted with the diseases as signified by Mars.

Mars in the Seventh House

Mars in the seventh house of spouse and marriage creates mangal dosha. It is not all good for married life and makes the native rude and short-tempered. The native is very dominating, creating problems in marital bliss. It is advised to match kundli before deciding to marry with Mars placed in the 7th house.

Mars in the Eighth House

Mars in the 8th house of longevity, occult, suddenness, transformation, and miseries is not good. However, this house is ruled by Mars in the natural kundli, but still, it may give several negative traits to the person making them low in moral values. The person may practice in secret jobs, occult, tax, and research fields. It creates mangal dosha as well.

Mars in the Ninth House

The 9th house is a house of religion, luck, wisdom, higher learning, father, etc. Mars here makes the natives low in religious values but gives high ambitions in life. They will be helpful to others and make many friends. They may be good writers and journalists. Father is furious in nature and doesn’t support the native. They lack recognition for work.

Mars in the Tenth House

The 10th house is a house of profession. Mars here makes the native do something or the other throughout their lives. They are energetic and highly ambitious people. They are the tough boss and highly dominating for the family members.

Mars in the Eleventh House

The 11th house is a house of gains. Any malefic is considered good in the 11th house so as Mars. It gives all round happiness to the native here.

Mars in the Twelfth House

The 12th house is a house of losses and expenses. Mars here creates mangal dosha and is not considered good. It gives diseases and hospitalization here.

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