We all are living in a materialistic world where money and wealth predominate our minds more than anything else. In Astrology, the second house in birth chart is the house of wealth or dhan bhava. The position of the second house tells about the financial status of a person. The astrologers put great emphasis on the second house as most of the people wish to enquire about their financial status in life. It is true that the second house is majorly analyzed to check the financial and economic prospects of the natives as requested by most of them but still it contains something more. You can read how to improve financial status using astrology from our site.

What does 2nd house mean?

In layman’s language, it is a house of wealth but apart from showing our bank savings and wealth it shows the following things:

  1. Your immediate family- The second house shows the environment you were born in. it is the house of your immediate family where you were born. A strong 2nd house indicates birth in a rich and affluent family. The planetary impact on the second house shows the nature and temperament of your family. Whether you belong to a cultured or a religious family will be depicted by the influence of the auspicious planets on your second house and vice-versa.
  2. Your tastes and preferences- The 2nd house in kundli shows your taste preferences. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you are fond of spicy food can be predicted by analyzing your second house. Everything about your food choices and in fact drinking habits can be seen from the second house. People with major afflictions in the second house are generally tobacco and alcohol addicts. Whether you smoke or have inclinations for drugs can be exposed through your second house.
  3. Your value system- How cultured you are? How much importance do you give to moral values? Are you a responsible person? Know it all through your kundli analysis with greater emphasis on the second house.Your speech- Your speech is also seen from the second house. The presence of fiery signs and planets may cause harshness and arrogance in your speech whereas auspicious and soft planets give a sweet and affectionate speech. Your second house may make you rule the world as it is your influential speech that makes you win the hearts of others.
  4. Your face- Your facial beauty can be determined with the study of your second house in your chart. Whether there would be any mark on the face or you will have a glowing face can be predicted as per the planetary influence on your second house. Not just face but everything that is connected to your face like your eyes, ears, tongue, teeth, chin, eye brows, nose and nasal path etc. can be analyzed through your second house. An afflicted second house may show some problems in any of these body parts.
  5. Your bank savings, jewelry and precious stones- Your saving potential is seen from the second house. A strong second house with auspicious influence of the planets, gives constant growth in your bank savings. The benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus give possession of precious metals and jewels to the native with their placement in the second house. It is also important that the Lord of the second house or the planet who rules the second house should be well placed for a strong financial position.
  6. Your primary education- The second house shows your family environment and during primary education, the environment of the family matters a lot in ensuring conducive situations for the education of the native. The status of your primary education can be predicted through your second house.

 A strong second house confirms success in life          

The second house lies next to the first house which is the house of your personality. The first house shows your personality traits, attributes, physical appearance, mental pursuits, and everything about you. Now, the second house is the growth or increment of your personality as it is next to your house of personality. Any Lords of the houses in horoscope if placed in the second house, confirms gain of wealth from the significations of that house.

  • First lord in the first house- Gain wealth from your own bodily strength
  • First lord in the second house– Gain wealth from your family
  • First lord in the third house- Gain wealth from your siblings and your own efforts
  • First lord in the fourth house- Gain wealth from your mother
  • First lord in the fifth house- Gain wealth from your children
  • First lord in the sixth house- Gain wealth from your competitors
  • First lord in the seventh house- Gain wealth from your spouse
  • First lord in the eighth house- Gain of wealth from inheritance or in-laws
  • First lord in the ninth house- Gain wealth from your father or teachers
  • First lord in the tenth house- Gain wealth from your work, business, or career
  • The first lord in the eleventh house- Gain wealth from your social network and friends. This is strong dhan yoga as well.
  • First lord in the twelfth house- Gain of wealth from foreign trade. However, it is not considered good to have the second lord in the twelfth house.

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To sum up

The second house is one of the essential houses in horoscope as it gives stability and endurance to the native. A strong second house gives all kinds of happiness to a person as the person is loved by all and possesses wealth to sustain in life efficiently. The second house is just opposite to the most dreaded house, the eighth house, and any benefic placed in the second house may also amend the negative energy of the eighth house with its benefic aspect. The person is enriched with moral values and has supreme goals in life. A strong second house makes the person live life in its true sense, as it always inspires the native to perform good karmas due to higher values and empathy for others in the heart.

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