The fourth house in a kundli is an important Kendra sthaan and is mainly seen as a house that attaches you to your roots. It is seen for the native place, value system, ancestral house, mother and family of the native. The fourth house has many things to depict and keeps an important place while predicting the amount of peace, materialistic gains and happiness in a person’s life. This is of course, what we all sought for! Let’s explore the fourth house of a birth chart in detail and understand its importance in a native’s life.

कुंडली में चतुर्थ भाव का महत्व

Role of the Fourth House in Our Life
Role of the Fourth House in Our Life

What does 4th house represents in Astrology?

The 4th house signifies many things in life to include mother, property, land, house, real estate, vehicles, cattle, education and all kind of materialistic possessions. The 4th house indicates your relationships with your mother, your value system as derived from your family members and your association with your native place. The 4th house is known by the name “bandhu bhava” and shows your affinity towards your bandhu or family members. The other name is “vidhya bhava” and thus it also shows education of the native. The 4th house is also called the “sukha bhava” and primarily shows your happiness and domestic peace in life. The body parts under the domain of the 4th house are the chest and lungs. Therefore, the 4th house shows your peace of mind, domestic life, house, landed and ancestral property, vehicles, material abundance, ancestry, culture, family history, general happiness, education, and chest and lungs.

It is the fourth house that depicts your level of education and the closeness you share with your family members and home land. An afflicted 4th house may put hurdles in your admission in a college and also may send you abroad. People with an afflicted 4th house generally don’t find happiness at home and are mostly seen to settle away from the home land. The planetary influence at the 4th house decides the mindset of a person adopted later in life. For e.g. if Saturn has an influence at the 4th house then the native will be disciplined, hard working but slow in work. It shows your family environment as well and is influenced by the significations of the planets placed or casting an aspect at the 4th house. The presence of Sun may give royal and influential family environment while Venus may give luxurious life style and comforts etc. so, the tone changes as per the planetary influence at the 4th house.

Which planet is good in the fourth house?

In kalpurush kundli or the natural horoscope, the fourth house falls in the Cancer sign ruled by the Moon. Now, Moon is a karaka of mother and a mother is known for her affection and care towards her kids. Taking hints from this, no planet is considered bad in the fourth house. The 4th house shows water element and mostly deals with emotional and sentimental side of a person. The watery planets like the Moon and Venus get directional strength in the fourth house and are considered to bring good results in terms of materialistic pleasures to the native. However, they make a person over emotional and make him/her lose practical approach towards life. On the other hand harsh planets like the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu creates troubles in the family environment and domestic or mental peace of a person.

If the 4th house and its Lord are not well placed then the native may lack happiness and peace in life. It will also have a negative impact on the education, happiness from mother, land and vehicles. The 4th house is also the house of wealth of your siblings, profession or career of your spouse and also the fortune of your in-laws etc. Any affliction to the 4th house may spoil these specifications as well. It also matters who is the Lord of the 4th house in your kundli and which house it is placed. You tend to derive happiness in life through the joint specifications of the planet and the house it is placed. For e.g. if the Lord is Jupiter and is placed in the tenth house then you will derive happiness through working as a consultant, religious practitioner, teacher or working in the education field.

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It is believed that the 4th house marks our journey from the birth till death which perfectly states its importance in our lives. It demonstrates various phase of our lifetime till death and thus 4th house holds an essence of human life.