Everybody desires to drink from that fountain of youth. We are always searching for that ever-alluding secret to glowing, youthful skin. While some are gifted with that radiant glow, others like you and me must adhere to a diligent skincare regime to maintain that pink glow on our cheeks.

Numerous home treatments benefit our skin and bring a shiny texture to our hair. We have all tried using aloe vera gel for skin care routine. You must have also seen your grandma use rose water for face packs many times in our childhood. However, few know the numerous benefits of using rosehip oil for the face.

What is it?

This oil, also called rosehip seed oil, is extracted from the seeds of rose plants in Chile. It contains vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that prove excellent for your skin.

Benefits of Rosehip Oil:

Rosehip oil is one of the latest things in herbal skin care. It is said to have the following spectacular benefits:

  • Fights Acne: Rosehip oil is packed with three essential vitamins – A,C, and E- that work wonders in acne prevention.
  • Moisturising Properties: Vitamin C has skin-hydrating properties. This vitamin, coupled with the fatty acids in rosehip oil, adds that supple softness to your skin and makes you look more radiant than ever.
  • Treatment of Wrinkles: Fatty acids present in rosehip also have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, this oil is used to treat signs of ageing, such as damaged skin, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation and also provides a boost of antioxidants to your skin.
  • Reduction of Scars: Rosehip oil is said to work wonders in treating scars or wounds. The presence of unsaturated and fatty acids gives this oil its wonderful property.It is often used to treat stretch marks.

What Kind of Rosehip Oil Should You Choose?

As with most essential oils, it is best to opt for organic cold-pressed oils since this technology preserves the nutritional value of the oils.

When to Use Rosehip Oil?

This oil is lightweight and does not clog your pores. Therefore, it does not leave an oily texture on your skin like coconut oil. Hence, feel free to incorporate this oil into your cleansing routine – both in the morning and evening.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Using Rosehip Oil?

This oil is generally considered safe for most skin types. However, it would be best to be cautious before adding any new ingredient to your skincare routine. Every skin type is unique. It can be irritating when applied to the skin of some individuals.

Your face is one of your skin’s most exposed and sensitive areas. Hence, it is best to test the oil on other body parts before applying it to your face.You can try applying it to the inner portion of your arm and leave it overnight. If there is no allergic reaction even after the passage of 24 hours, it can be assumed safe for application on your facial skin.

Rosehip oil is set to become the next big thing in the field of home skin care. It shall eventually become as common as the use of aloe vera gel for hair care. It is probably the next big thing in anti-ageing skin care treatment.