The founders of Suorin embarked on their manufacturing adventure in 2016 with a single objective in mind: to improve the world by assisting millions of individuals in permanently quitting smoking. They concluded that the only workable strategy was to offer a premium product with excellent strength, flavor, and ease.

Today, we’re excited to discuss their broad use of throwaway colors and are prepared to share the most recent version. Suorin increased the size of the eliquid tank and battery life this time around, taking a chance on the design. If you enjoy disposables or are seeking a fantastic tobacco substitute, keep reading since this disposable is appropriate for both new and seasoned vapers.

Let us now move ahead and start highlighting the intriguing aspects of the Air Bar Box Disposable Vape!

Air Bar Box Disposable- An Introduction!

The Air Bar Box Disposable Vape is attractive to look at and performs well. The e-10ml cigarettes and 3000 puff capacities are very impressive. Up until you take your last drag, the embedded 1500mAh pre-charged battery will keep the device functional. The product contains 5% nicotine and has a reasonably smooth flow and hit. Nicotine is added to the vape juice to season it.

As the name implies, this vape looks exactly like a box, but it is lightweight and cozy to hold while you vape. The use of a single shimmering color on the exterior represents the flavor it contains. There is a thin black border all around the drip path and edges.

Air Bar Box has the ideal VG/PG ratio and a variety of flavors to give you 15 new, more enjoyable vaping experiences.

The Design & Draw!

Suorin produced a square product this time, but it still feels good in the hand and looks good. On the other hand, the well-known Air Bar disposables are made to mimic a spherical cigarette. The tool’s functionality is unaffected, though.

The device has a rounded and curved form that is as beautiful as they come. It also has a contemporary, professional appearance as a consequence of the delicate color scheme that flows from black to tones of gray, green, and blue. Given that teen vaping has grown to be a serious concern in the U.S., it is a wise strategy to target adult vapers who dislike flashy, vibrantly coloured equipment. In spite of this, it maintains the same air of elegance and beauty as previous Air Bars.

The mouthpiece is rounded, comfortable, and has a tighter draw than other Air Bar variations, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavor. As soon as you take off the packing, the mouthpiece cover, and the sticker seal on the bottom, the gadget is prepared for use. You can start vaping once you take a puff. Additionally, the device has no buttons at all.

The Power & The Tank!

Depending on the user’s routine, an Air Bar Box disposable vape can last up to a week or more. This assertion is supported by verified facts, including the 10ml tank and the 1500mAh built-in battery. A single gadget is capable of producing more than 3000 puffs, and the best part is that it requires no maintenance.

Suorin spent a lot of time and work developing a technically flawless device, thus all of the internal components are incredibly precise and constructed from the best materials. Thanks to the superior coil, spills, and leaks won’t bother you, and the taste is perfectly delivered.

Due to the nic salt’s typical 50 mg potency and gentle, smooth throat hit, this disposable is perfect for people who want to smoothly transition from smoking to vaping. Due to all of these qualities, Air Bar Box now has one of the lowest defect rates of any product on the market. If you want to ensure that your disposable supply is always of the finest caliber, you can do so by purchasing several Air Bar Boxes, and you won’t have to worry about shelling out cash for a poor vape.

The Range Of E-Liquid Flavors!

Every vaper will discover a flavor they like because of Air Bar’s broad and varied flavor selection, which is one of its best qualities. Whether you prefer flavors with a fresh flavor, those with a minty finish, or strange combinations that will stimulate your interest and satisfy your palate, Air Bar Box has all of your favorite flavors.

Ice cream and energy drinks come first because they motivate your brain cells to work a little bit harder and generate more. The effects of the first are similar to those of the original Red Bull energy drink, while the second provides the same sensation but with an ice finish after the draw.

While Blueberry Raspberry is a genuinely berry-like blast, Strawberry Kiwi gives an entire day of nothing but a relaxing vacation. Although combining the flavors of grape and cranberry can be challenging to imagine, once you give it a try, you’ll only want to utilize it.

If you enjoy mint, you’ll be happy to know that their versions don’t contain ice, which allows the flavor to shine. Fantastic examples include watermelon apple ice, sour apple ice, blueberry ice, and grape ice. Last but not least, if you truly desire to learn something novel and experience immediate awe, During the sweltering summer months, we all need the perfect balance of tart and sweet flavors, so we recommend Cherry Lemon or Orange Shake, which is essentially a milkshake with a hint of zesty orange. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

In The End!

What awaits you now? Go and grab your killer Air Bar Box Disposable Vape right away!