Scooter parts are very important for anyone who owns and rides these small vehicles. As the world is dealing with ever increasing prices of gasoline and levels of air pollution, scooters are expected to play an ever increasing role in changing modes of mobility. Many areas in the United States are very amenable in climatic terms for scooter riding because they are rather cool and do not have enough winds or rain to create any hazards. In such a case, single person mobility in a car simply makes more sense on two wheels instead of four wheels. If you have a two wheeler with you, you will need to know about taking care of some of the basic parts of the vehicle like a scooter kickstand or mini bike sprocket. Each of these parts plays a very simple but very important part in your vehicle and thus you should be very well aware of your part specifications. 

Scooter Kickstand 

The kickstand is generally a standardized accessory that can be fit in electric scooters, bikes, and even in some models of ATVs. This is delivered as a kit where you get the stand itself as well as the pin that holds it against the vehicle body and the spring which holds the tension and brings it back against the vehicle body when kicked off. Scooter kickstand comes black painted from the factory though you can get it painted to match the vehicle. Scooter kickstand is generally available in 12 inch size though longer may also be available. The spring that is included is generally 3.9 inches and the pin length is 1.25 inches. Fitting the kickstand is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. There are a number of videos on the internet that you can refer to about the process of installation. 

Mini Bike Sprocket

Bike sprockets are used on both the front and back sides of the vehicle. Most people who own mini bikes should be able to find which sprocket is used, where by reading the owner’s manual or by checking the sprockets currently mounted. Sprockets tend to experience wear and tear with continued usage and need regular lubrication. If damaged, they have to be replaced. In most cases, the mini bike sprockets on the rear wheel are 50 teeth and mounted on a #420 chain. Their mounting hole is 1.9 inches. The front sprocket is for the same 420 chains but has only ten teeth. These come with 0.66 inch inner diameter hole for mounting. Make sure you lubricate new sprockets thoroughly before using them.