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When it comes to nursing scrubs, Jaanuu is a popular choice among nurses because of its high quality, comfort, and performance. Why?

So, today we’re going to look at why Jaanuu Scrubs are so popular among nurses and healthcare workers.

Many people wonder what Jaanuu means. The name Jaanuu comes from the Hindi word Jaan, which means “life.” “In reverence to all that life challenges us to face, accept, and overcome,” their motto reads.

They are easily one of the most popular and fastest-growing scrub brands on the market, competing with Jaanuu Vs FIGS, Grey’s Anatomy, and some of the best nursing scrubs.

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Review Of Janu Scrubs

Keep in mind that for the sake of this evaluation, we used this pair of scrubs (male) and this set of scrubs (female).

Enhance The Standard Of Living

Let’s start with Jaanuu Scrubs’ fit, finish, and construction quality. Their FORMINAFLEX Fabric is the first. This fabric is ultra-soft, has a two-way stretch, and has excellent performance. It’s made with superior color retention (fade resistance), wrinkle resistance, and moisture-wicking properties.

They also say that each piece of fabric is made from only the highest-quality materials and is cut with the utmost precision. In addition, Jaanuu features antimicrobial-treated ultra-soft fabric. You won’t have to worry about Jaanuu Vs FIGS bacteria or other problems with your scrubs because of this.

Even with something as simple as medical scrubs, the stitching and effort put into the design demonstrate how top-tier build quality makes a difference.


If you’re seeking high-quality nursing scrubs, in the Jaanuu Vs FIGS competition Jaanuu is one of the best options. They are comfy, stylish, and have a distinct feel. You get five pockets with the drawstring pants.

You heard me correctly…five! This is a substantial quantity of storage, which is especially beneficial for certain machines.

Two front slant pockets and three deep patch pockets are included. This implies that you should be able to transport as many flushes as possible.

Storage space for pens or a badge is also included on the top. Tops are divided into two categories (3 pocket and regular). In addition to the pen pocket, the 3 pocket has two side pockets. It does, however, lend to the scrubs’ unusual, modern appearance.

Finally, all their scrubs are available in XXS-3X (short, regular, and tall) sizes, ensuring that no nurse or medical professional is overlooked.


When it comes to appearance, Jaanuu scrubs do not disappoint. They are highly modern, sleek, and fashionable while still seeming professional.

When Jaanuu Vs FIGS were compared, Jaanuu appears to be more “flat” or modern.

Although Jaanuu Vs FIGS

include options such as joggers, Jaanuu’s fit, and feel are unrivaled.

Their FORMINAFLEX Fabric, as they call it, appears to be extraordinarily silky smooth. They have a fantastic appearance that makes you feel and appear wealthy.

Furthermore, Jaanuu scrubs do a fantastic job of disguising undesirable curves and complementing every body type.

Is It Safe To Wear Jaanuu Scrubs If You’re A Nursing Student?

Is it appropriate for nursing students to wear Jaanuu Vs FIGS scrubs? If your school permits it! These are an excellent choice for nursing students working as Nurse Techs, Nursing Aids, or in any other form of clinical role associated with the school.

Also, if you’re a nursing student, you can get a free 6-month Prime membership and get your scrubs even faster (or a regular 1-month free trial) if you sign up for Prime for Students!

Is It Safe To Wear Jaanuu Scrubs As A Nurse?

Nurses who seek a good-looking, functional, and modern pair of scrubs might consider Jaanuu scrubs. The same holds for other medical experts and healthcare employees.

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs Vs. Jaanuu

When it comes to Jaanuu Vs FIGS, we’ll have to choose Jaanuu’s side. For performance, looks, and material quality you get, they’re a great deal.

Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, on the other hand, will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Figs Scrubs Vs. Jaanuu

It’s a tough matchup Jaanuu Vs FIGS On the one hand, FIGS are currently one of the greatest scrubs available. Even when compared to Jaanuu, they are, nonetheless,

exceedingly pricey. So, we’ll leave it to you to decide; FIGS are better, but they’re also more expensive.


Brand recognition is higher than Jaanuu Vs FIGS (estimated)

  • Offers a lot more discounts and special offers than Jaanuu.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • Affirm financial assistance is available.
  • Free return policies are available.
  • Provides an ethical supply Discount policies for veterans and Jaanuu Promo Code are available.
  • Discount policies for teachers are available.
  • Support for Amazon Pay is available.
  • Offers Support for Shop Pay
  • Zip financial assistance is available.
  • Birthday discount policies are available.
  • FIGS currently has 11 active discount codes.


  • Does not keep security features and policies up to date.
  • There are no email discounts available.
  • Support for debit and prepaid cards is not available.
  • Support for Apple Pay is not available.
  • Does not make a public statement about its commitment to racial fairness.
  • Does not apayingpt After pay as a form of payment.
  • There are no gift-wrapping services available.
  • There are no wholesale purchase options available.


  • Security features and policies are available.
  • Email discounts are available.
  • Supports debit and prepaid cards, as well as Apple Pay.
  • Commits to racial justice.
  • Provides After pay financing options.
  • Gift wrapping services are available.
  • Wholesale purchasing options are available.
  • There are currently 6 active Jaanuu discount codes.


  • Doesn’t have a lot of customer service.
  • refuses to accept Confirm your financial backing.
  • Does not have a no-questions-asked return policy.
  • Does not follow a moral supply chain
  • There are no veteran discounts available.
  • There are no procedures in place for teacher discounts.
  • Support for Amazon Pay is not available.
  • Support for Shop Pay is not available.
  • Does not accept Zip finance as a source of funding.
  • There are no policies in place for birthday discounts