California Cost Auto Repair Service Center is a superior alternative to dealerships. They offer excellent service and high quality repairs.

To ensure our clients are satisfied, we constantly update and upgrade our diagnostic equipment. No matter what technological advancements may be, we are certain that we can solve any automobile problem.

We offer a variety of BMW services

  • Check engine light
  • Oil Change
  • Air Conditioning
  • Service & Repair
  • Transmission
  • Service & Repair


BMW engine light services in costa mesa Sounds, rough running, failing smog tests, and other issues should be addressed.

It is not something you desire.

We can repair any type or mechanical part, including starters, alternators, exhaust manifolds, starters, water pumps, and other parts.

You should immediately have your car checked by a mechanic as soon as the check engine light turns on. You can end up with serious damage to your vehicle if you don’t address the problem immediately.

California Cost Auto Repair has successfully repaired many engines. Do not ignore your engine light. There is no need to do more damage.

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